Golden plovers lay 3-4 olive eggs with dark markings. They typically stand upright and run in short bursts. In winter the black in replaced by buff and white. It breeds on the high Arctic tundra of Alaska and Canada and winters in the grasslands of central and southern South America. Other articles where Golden plover is discussed: plover: Some plovers, like the golden (Pluvialis species) and black-bellied (Squatarola squatarola), are finely patterned dark and light above and black below in breeding dress. Very wary on the breeding grounds. See our ideas to keep you connected to nature during coronavirus, From our regular emails to your favourite social media, there’s more than one way to keep in touch with nature. In summer, adults have a black throat, chest and belly, surrounded by a band of white and topped with a distinctive, spotted gold-and-black back and cap. In winter they move to lowland fields, forming large flocks, often in the company of lapwings. [8] The Icelandic media always covers the first plover sighting, which in 2017, took place on March 27. The male builds the nest which is a shallow depression in the ground lined with moss, leaves, and stems. In winter, they lose their black and turn more buff in colour, with a pale throat, chest and belly. We spend 90% of net income on conservation, public education and advocacy, The RSPB is a member of BirdLife International. In winter they form large flocks which fly in fairly tight formation with rapid, twinkling wingbeats. It is known that the Golden Plover converts 0.6 percent per hour of its current body weight into energy and heat. [4][6], Its flight action is rapid and powerful, with regular wingbeats. A large shorebird of pastures, open ground, and mudflats, the American Golden-Plover makes one of the longest migratory journeys of any shorebird. The genus name is Latin and means relating to rain, from pluvia, "rain". The species name fulva is Latin and refers to a tawny colour. The European golden plover is one of the species to which the Agreement on the Conservation of African-Eurasian Migratory Waterbirds (AEWA) applies. If you can’t get outside, why not bring the outside in by downloading our bird song radio app? The Pacific Golden-Plover is a powerful flier known for its long, transoceanic migrations. [10], On 10 November 1951, Sir Hugh Beaver, then the managing director of the Guinness Breweries,[11] went on a shooting party in the North Slob, by the River Slaney in County Wexford, Ireland. UK breeding is the number of pairs breeding annually. UK passage is the number of individuals passing through on migration in spring and/or autumn. In winter they form large flocks which fly in fairly tight formation with rapid, twinkling wingbeats. Great ideas on how your garden, or even a small backyard or balcony, can become a mini nature reserve. 207076, Scotland no. This fantastic wetland site is located north of Southport town centre and has some of the best wildlife in the region. After missing a shot at a Eurasian golden plover, he became involved in an argument over which was the fastest game bird in Europe, the golden plover or the red grouse (the former being correct). The golden plover is a medium-sized plover with a distinctive gold and black summer plumage. Nature is an adventure waiting to be had. [3], The European golden plover is quite thickset, with its wings only being slightly longer than its tail. Sir Hugh interviewed the brothers and, impressed by their prodigious knowledge, commissioned the book. This bird species has different identifying features depending on sex/age/season. [13][14] Beaver knew that there must be numerous other questions debated nightly in pubs throughout Ireland, but there was no book in the world with which to settle arguments about records. * This map is intended as a guide. See our toolkit for ways to campaign with us to protect nature and save wildlife. [5], The European golden plover spends summers in Iceland, and in Icelandic folklore, the appearance of the first plover in country means that spring has arrived. Very wary on the breeding grounds. As well as a free gift and magazines, you’ll get loads of ideas for activities to try at home. SC037654, We use cookies on our website to help give you the best online experience. Winter flocks start to appear and build up after the breeding season with largest numbers between November and February. [9] In 2020, the first golden plover was sighted on March 16. [15] A Guinness employee told Sir Hugh of two twin brothers, Norris and Ross McWhirter, who had opened a fact checking agency in London. UK wintering is the number of individuals present from October to March. The reserve has seen more than thirty species of wading birds. Its most distinct feature is a white "s"-shaped band stretching from its forehead to its flanks. [4], The European golden plover tends to breed in the Arctic tundra and other palearctic areas, ranging as far west as Iceland, where they are called Heiðlóa, and as far east as central Siberia. [7], The European golden plover's call is a monosyllabic, slightly descending, melancholic "tuu". It was believed that golden plovers flocked when rain was imminent. The Pacific golden plover (Pluvialis fulva) is a medium-sized plover. [4] It tends to gather in large flocks and winter in open areas, agricultural plains, ploughed land, and short meadows, ranging from Europe to North Africa. Who to contact if you spot an injured or baby bird, Help nature thrive as a corporate partner, Climate change effects on nature and wildlife. The Golden plover is smaller than its relative, the Grey plover. Heathland home to more than 2565 species. He realised then that a book supplying the answers to this sort of question might prove popular. See some of the ways you can get into green living. Find out more about the nature and wildlife outside your window. The dumpy, neckless shape and short, fine bill are enough to identify this bird as a European Golden Plover. [2] The species name apricaria is Latin and means to bask in the sun. Find out how to identify a bird just from the sound of its singing with our bird song identifier playlist. These two genera are sometimes included in Charadrius. Tell me more. However, the key feature is the underwing: white axillaries and underwing coverts in European Golden, dusky in Pacific and American. If you calculate this over a period of 88 hours, you will find that the Golden Plover … This species is similar to two other golden plovers: the American golden plover, Pluvialis dominica, and Pacific golden plover, Pluvialis fulva, which are both smaller, slimmer and relatively longer-legged than European golden plover, and both have grey rather than white axillary feathers (only properly visible in flight). The golden plover is a medium-sized plover with a distinctive gold and black summer plumage. The genus name is Latin and means relating to rain, from pluvia, "rain". European Golden Plover (Terschelling, The Netherlands, 2 October 2007). The bird’s starting weight is 7 ounces, of which 2.5 ounces are stored as layers of fat to be used as fuel. Find out more about the partnership, © The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) is a registered charity: England and Wales no.

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