Interactive online exercises in three levels of difficulty: easy, medium and difficult. The Goethe Institute has offices in 98 countries around the world where students can attend preparatory classes and take exams. But, those who want to move to Germany will most likely need to pass one of the official German language proficiency tests before or shortly after their arrival in Germany. Advanced German Lessons Exercises 17-24. Exercise 17 - Die Syntax II: Nebensatz und Satzverbindungen, Exercise 18 - Die Syntax III: Zweigliedrige Junktoren, Exercise 20 - Trennbare/untrennbare Verben, Exercise 24 - Transitive und intransitive Verben, ActiLingua Residence with 20 standard and superior apartments. These articles tell you whether a noun associated with the article is masculine, feminine or neuter as all nouns in German have a grammatical gender (but this is not the same as biological gender). Here you can find information about modal verbs, reflexive verbs, separable and inseparable verbs, the … For Beginners and Advanced: 34 German lessons, German Grammar, Idioms, Quotes and 2 Online Tests. German uses two indefinite articles “ein” and “eine” which stand for “a” or “an” in English and three definite articles “der”, “die” and “das” that correspond to the English “the”. The type of free materials you will find will depend on the exam that you have chosen. They are especially suitable for learners who do not need to take standard exams while also having certain specific requirements. Interactive online exercises in three levels of difficulty: easy, medium and difficult. Sprachbar is a course for advanced students of German (C1-C2). Learn German - online, simple, independent and for free! Additionally, many of them tend to be more entertaining than standard courses. All Rights Reserved. Free online exercises to practice the application of grammar rules for both beginners and advanced learners. German Grammar with Rules and Interactive Exercises Tenses. Advanced German Lessons - Lessons 1-8. Its grammar exercises are categorized into two levels: C1 for low advanced learners and C2 for high advanced learners. In the German language there are six tenses: present (Präsens), present perfect (Perfekt), simple past or... Verbs. The Common European Framework establishes six different categories for German language levels, from A1 to C2. Register now in our Member Area! The list of their examinations is available here. Read more: Online German exercises for B2 level Although preparatory classes at the Goethe Institute are all paid, the Institute also offers some free resources for German learners wishing to take their language proficiency exams. However, there are many alternatives to German courses provided by the Goethe-Institute. For each video there is a full transcript in PDF format and an MP3 file that you can download. On the following pages you will find selected exercises for the B2 level (advanced/intermediate 2). The Deutschlernerblog (the German Learner’s Blog) is a website that offers different practice resources for German learners such as listening and reading comprehension, music recommendations and grammar exercises. All exercises are for free! There is so much there that you will never get bored. Free German courses for intermediate and advanced learners are not hard to find online. The Goethe Institutfollows an equivalent classification for its courses and exams. You can practise your German independently and test your progress whenever you have time and feel like it. These exercises will help you to better understand and deepen the advanced vocabulary and grammar of this level. German Exercises German online exercises that cover the most important grammar areas with a concentration of topics that make most foreigners problems. These include: For more free resources from the Goethe Institute please visit other sections of this website. By analysing latest headlines, idioms and specifics of German grammar, learners become familiar with the intricacies of the German language. Learn German - online, simple, independent and for free! You can practise your German independently and test your progress whenever you have time and feel like it. You can find additional German lessons for intermediate and advanced learners on YouTube or as mobile language apps. All exercises are for free! They should, therefore, take standard courses such as those provided by the Goethe Institute. But remember that for maximum learning efficiency you need to stay motivated, so choose your lessons carefully. They are in two different formats: multiple choice and fill in the blanks. Knowing what is expected at each level is important, because it can help you understand which areas you need to focus on when trying to get to the next level. As they say, practice makes perfect, so visit also other sections of this website for interactive online exercises and tests to practice grammar and exam skills. Here you find links to some of the best free German lessons for intermediate and advanced students available online (although many of these courses start from the beginner’s level, they all also contain lessons for more advanced German learners): But, as you may expect this is not all there is for German learners. If you are looking for employment in a German-speaking country you may be interested in business German lessons that are available online for free. Copyright © 2016 For example, a man in German is “ein Mann”, or “der Mann” if definite article is used, which tells you the noun is masculine whereas a woman is “eine Fr… Click on any of the individual exams in the table and then follow the links to download exam guidelines, study materials, practice exercises and sample tests, or try them online. Many online exercises for the following levels are available: A1 beginner, A2 pre-intermediate, B1 intermediate, B2 advanced.

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