Gehl’s does have a well and may use more water for consistency. Last month, for instance, Whole Foods managers visited a site in Utah that used to host a Kmart store. The plan from the company calls for combining two residential lots Gehl Foods owns at the northeast corner of Church and Main streets with the adjacent production facility, with the company removing four structures near the northeast corner of the Church and Main intersection. The Gehl Foods expansion, estimated to cost $46.6 million, is expected to create 50 jobs while retaining 387. Starting today, eligible dependents of full-time Gehl Foods employees can submit their applications for an opportunity to earn one of three $5,000 scholarships. The project is ranked 13th out of 59 projects. They need to do what they said they were going to do,” Marwood said. All WEDC tax credits are performance- based and the amount of credits a company receives is contingent upon the actual number of jobs created. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The WEDC list is based on all corporate expansion and attraction projects in which contracts between WEDC and the company were executed in 2017. Craig Lemieux, chief executive officer of Gehl Foods, said “I am committed to those things that are in that proposal.”, Lemieux referenced complaints nearby residents have had with the company in the past and added “I want to have our company to have a different relationship with the village and part of this is working collaboratively to a solution everyone can be proud of.”, Lemieux later added “the business is more than the building, it’s the people who are here. June 23, 2017. The Gehl Foods Feed the Future Scholarship is in its fourth year and has awarded more than $30,000 in scholarships to students pursuing their educational goals. A construction worker walks across the top of the Gehl Foods building Aug. 15 in Germantown. According to information from village staff, Gehl Foods owns two small residential lots adjacent to the facility — an existing dwelling on the west side and a vacant lot on the east side. “A lot of our opportunities are with large accounts,” he said. That’s my obligation, to make sure that takes place — that we got a healthy business here in Germantown. He added “at the end of the day, I do support Gehl’s here, I just wish there was more support for the neighbors.”. Winds SW at 10 to 15 mph.. Clear skies. The expansion is contingent on Gehl Foods securing new business, Gehl said. Gehl will receive $535,000 in tax credits. You have permission to edit this article. The expansion of the Gehl Foods facility in Germantown was named by the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation as one of the state's top economic development projects in 2017. He also said truck traffic is a concern of residents. “Nowhere in the SmartGrowth plan did we ever have a goal of expanding industry downtown.”. McKee Foods plans $500 million expansion in Collegedale to add 482 jobs March 10th, 2020 | by Dave Flessner This story was updated at 3:47 p.m. on Wednesday, March 11, 2020, with more information. Winds SW at 10 to 15 mph. The Germantown Village Board has already approved rezoning two company-owned residential lots along Main Street adjacent to their production facility from B-3 General Business to M-1 Limited Industrial to allow the expansion. You have entered an incorrect email address! He said the plan included goals of converting homes for commercial use as storefronts. 4 — The Epicentre Technologies Corp. expansion in Madison has an estimated cost of $148.4 million, is expected to create 20 jobs, retain 114 jobs and receive $750,000 in tax credits. Topping the list of projects is Foxconn's Technology Group's historic investment in Racine County — a project expected to create up to 13,000 jobs and generate up to $10 billion in capital investment. "They're really expanding out to what is almost a 24-7, 365 days of the year operation over the last several years.". Village Board approves rezoning for Gehl’s expansion. 5 — The Saputo Cheese USA expansion in Almena in Barron County has estimated cost of $89.5 million, is expected to create 92 jobs, retain 105 jobs and receive $3 million in tax credits. She said during the meetings, there was discussion about parking options, including widening sidewalks on Church Street and allowing company parking on Main and Church streets to be used as public parking during community events, neither of which was included in what was supported by the Plan Commission. Robert Plastine of Williams Drive came to the podium and commented with concern of the Gehl Foods expansion. Gehl Foods announces that it has been acquired by Wind Point Partners, an investment firm best known for unlocking growth potential in mid-size companies. 9 — The Mills Fleet Farm Group expansion in Chippewa Falls is expected to cost $71.7 million, create 284 jobs and receive a $1.5 million loan. The company will add up to 10 new silos at its facility. The remaining other projects in the top 13 include: No. "The silos will support increased production which will bring in as many as 30 new jobs to the Main Street facility over the next three to five years," Cooke said. No. Gehl Foods Acquires California Natural Products ... “I’m very excited to lead this expansion at Gehl Foods,” commented Eric Beringause, Chief Executive Officer of Gehl Foods. “At Gehl, we inherited an exceptional company with an outstanding track record. Gehl Foods Acquired by Wind Point Partners and Announces New CEO. 8 — The Great Lakes Cheese Company expansion in Wausau will cost $84.8 million, is expected to create 125 jobs and will receive $2 million in tax credits. Applications due March 16! The project is expected to be completed by winter 2020. Initially, five are to be built. “What was approved at the Plan Commission is far less than what they told us they were going to do. 7 — The Brakebush Brothers Inc. expansion in Westfield has an estimated cost of $86 million, is expected to create 219 jobs, retain 885 jobs and receive $6.5 million in tax credits. Updated: Germantown approves rezoning for Gehl Foods expansion, YES - only after others have taken it for a couple of months, Hamilton girls volleyball title came in a season altered by virus, Falls district to switch to virtual learning from Nov. 30-Dec. 4, Falls board approves rezoning for single family development. Scott Walker called 2017 a record year for the WEDC with 59 companies from Wisconsin and around the world agreeing to locate to or expand in Wisconsin. The projects are expected to create or retain nearly 30,000 jobs and result in more than $11.6 billion in capital investment in the state. No. Alex currently serves as Vice President at Gehl Foods – a leading $250MM aseptic manufacturer of shelf-stable, dairy-based products. Detroit Lions fire coach Matt Patricia and GM Bob Quinn, No. We have to continue to invest, to grow, to stretch ourselves, to grow our product lines — and above all, serve our customers and our communities. “A successful business is much more than the buildings,” he added. 11 — The Masters Gallery Foods Inc. expansion in Oostburg is estimated to cost $61.1 million, create 150 jobs, retain 529 jobs and receive $2.55 million in tax credits. It’s the best thing we can to do to help ensure the future of the company, that it’s here for a long time after you and I are gone.”, Village Administrator Steve Kreklow added the village collects $200,000 annually in property taxes and $1.3 million annually in sewer utility fees — which is approximately 20 percent of the sewer utility revenues annually — from Gehl Foods. The Village Board, during its Sept. 16 meeting, approved a rezoning change for the Gehl Foods properties from the B-3: General Business and M-1: Limited Industrial District to the B-3/M1/PDD Planned Development District … A project underway at the company involves building a nitrogen generation system on the back side of the Main Street plant, that will remove the need for unloading tankers and which will be quieter. The Germantown Village Board approved a rezoning and certified survey map change that will allow for future expansion the Gehl Foods production facility at N115 W15970 Main St. At the start of board discussion, Trustee David Baum said during meetings with neighbors several ideas were suggested to improve the appearance of the facility and nearby areas. Read More. We’ve got these 400-plus people and their families at this business that we’re obligated to ensure that it’s going to be here.” Citing a comment made earlier in the meeting, Lemieux said “there’s no guarantee, there’s no entitlement that the business is always going to be here.

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