This is a basic guide, that should give you a good set of recommendations on what skills to train for in your first weeks or so of EVE. weapons or. Increasing a ship's maximum number of locked targets, Improving your scan resolution and targeting speed, [math] \displaystyle\text{Targeting time} = \frac{40000 \,\text{m} }{ \text{Scan resolution} \times \operatorname{arcsinh}^2(\text{Signature radius}) } [/math], maximum defined by your skills and the ship you're flying,, Select the object (either in space or via the overview), and click the "Target" button on the. Top Contributors: DanxZenus, DanielNorwood, Jacob Cornell + more. Use whichever method most suits your play style, however, many experienced Eve players find that using the third method is the quickest. Tech 1 Auto Targeting Systems; Tech 1 Passive Targeters, Important combat support skill. Skill at hardening Radar Sensors against hostile Electronic Counter Measure modules. EVE Online Wiki Guide. Scanning It also works on the fleet list (and you can click the "History" tab in the fleet window to target the FC broadcast ship). Auto Targeting Systems are rarely used, as they take up a valuable high slot and stop you from prioritising targets - although some pilots use them merely for their +2 target bonus (provided they have a spare high slot) or to reduce the workload on E-War ships. Useful for all combat pilots, and key for snipers and ewar pilots. I feel like if these were to be implemented they need a delay of use after switching modes, im thinking 5-10 seconds. Structure Management. Flashing Red Aggressors? Support skills Test Alliance Please Ignore. If I've got my auto-target turned on, and … Starting skills How do auto-targeting modules work? Training missile skills will be key for most Caldari combat pilots, but some Minmatar and Amarr ships use missiles too, as secondary or even as primary weapons. The certificates don't actually give any bonuses, just group related skills in an easy to see manner. In Eve, you need to target something in order to affect it (repair it, mine it, or attack it). Edit. The skill you are looking for is Motion Prediction. Ladar Sensor Compensation. Each target icon shows: If you have several targets, one will have rotating triangular icons around it. This page was last edited on 19 December 2016, at 23:57. Structure Management If you want to increase tracking of your guns, train motion prediction. Wikis. Subsystems. Skill at targeting multiple targets. Last Edited: 25 Feb 2018 9:01 am. Spaceship Command. Skill at long range targeting. Social. A ship's innate targeting limit (see above) can be increased by installing Auto Targeting System or Signal Amplifier modules. Red's Criminal below -5.0 Sec Status? Targeting. Click the "Character Sheet" menu item to open your Character Sheet. 4% improved Gravimetric Sensor Strength per skill level. Production You can lock several targets at once (up to the maximum defined by your skills and the ship you're flying), which will appear as a series of circles. There are three parameters of interest when targeting: The number of targets you can have locked at any one time is primarily determined by the ship you're flying and your skills. Jenn aSide. For instance, a Merlin can only lock five targets at once, whilst a Golem can lock up to ten targets. Feel free to critique, add, and what not. Once the countdown timer has reached 0, the target has been locked, and you can fire on it, mine it, etc. 4. Radar Sensors are primarily found on Amarr, Blood Raider and Sanshas ships.

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