You have just a few seconds and a few words to show someone why your email is the one that’s worth reading out of the 121 emails they receive daily. Here are some business email subject lines examples for making an introduction. But you actually are – you’re selling yourself. Right Inbox is not affiliated with Google or Gmail, 40 Ideas for Creating a Professional Email Address. This will let you take advantage of our AI’s article summary functionality to reference the relevant articles. “Three ebooks I thought you might like”. Name-dropping is the best way to connect. That’s because the recipient assumes the messages are targeted specifically to them, so they’re more likely to open something that’s specialized and personal. You personalize your email. It’s simple: Most people are doing it wrong and thus conclude that it’s not working. The rules of thumb for networking email subject lines are generally the same as those for general email subject lines. Don’t offer a $150 coupon for your product if the product actually costs $1500 – that’s not really an offer, it’s more of a sales promotion. “Elizabeth Bennett from the Pemberbley Club” These email subject lines all show a common interest. So less than 21% of your recipients (- everyone who responded) have the context to get that impression. If a company recently had a product launch or someone you admire published a book, you can use this line. ), Make sure to follow up with and thank every blogger, writer, journalist and industry expert that gives your product/service/company the time of day. Networking email and its subject lines Although some people believe that networking should be done for job-seeking purposes, the truth is that networking can be beneficial in many ways and for each reason, there is an excellent way to create a fruitful subject. Research Is the Key to a Good Cold Email Subject Line. “Hello from a Delta Nu sister” 3. 11. Following these templates will give you a leg up when you create outreach campaigns in the future. You schedule your follow ups. Cold email marketing is one of the most undervalued marketing activities out there. ... What’s the most aggressive email subject line you’ve ever tried (and succeeded at)? On average, 79.19% of business emails remain unopened and unread. That makes it perfect for blogger outreach. But personalization isn’t a one-step process where you auto-fill in someone’s name, and you’re done. What is the best networking email subject line you have ever seen in your inbox? Writers love a good case study or some fresh research they can use to back up points in their piece. You can also upload existing outreach lists with a few clicks. An easy way to do this is to offer more up to date statistics/case studies. And combining both can feel impossible. Here are the steps to write a follow up email after getting no response: Connect with your prospects on social media, e.g. Translation: Make your subjects clear and personal, and don’t worry about the character count. If you have a sizable outreach campaign it becomes a full-time job. With Respona, research and personalization are built straight into the experience. To follow up on high-value journalists/bloggers when your first cold email where you asked for something didn’t receive a response. “The Freelancing Females Facebook Group”. “Two ways I can save you money – from Ben at the mixer”, 18. (What content do they share/Interact with?). First upload the file in a CSV format. Just write specific and concise subjects. While writing an email subject line, it is very important to connect with others that can benefit each other. Several business owners have laid out their experiences and advice across the … Secondly, it plays on their ego by “asking for advice,” establishing them as the “wise elder” in the situation. So, you’re a blogger or influencer and you want to start monetizing your audience. When your first cold email about a specific blog post didn’t receive a response. That’s why it’s important to follow-up. It takes a matter of seconds to make a judgement about someone we meet in person. To follow up with anyone who fulfills your request. Scaling often Read More... Feel free to get intouch with us via email, 4 Research-backed Rules of Thumb for Email Subject Lines, Personalized Networking Email Subject Lines Templates, 617% more click-throughs than the creative lines, subject lines between 6-10 words had on average 5% higher open rate than emails with 1-5 words in the subject line, longer subject lines did 24.6% better than short ones, personalized subject lines get on average 30.5% higher open rates, average response rate of a single outreach mail, 79.19% of business emails remain unopened and unread, Email Outreach: 12 Tips During Tough Social & Economic Times, How to Write a Follow Up Email After No Response [Template], 22 Outreach Email Templates That Get Replies In 2020, Cold Email Marketing: 6 Tips for Campaigns That Get Read, 7 Things to Add in Your Brand Pitch Email Template (2020), What is Outreach Marketing? You click ENTER… then, one week passes and there are no replies from your prospects. Our most unique feature is our AI algorithm that automatically reads and summarizes articles for you. Some of the best email subject lines can be combinations of two of the above. Instead of just using the tired old “Loved your piece about content marketing” subject line that has 0 personalization, add in the publication to show that you’re addressing them personally. It also automatically finds the highest quality email available to increase the chances of delivery. Add an invite to meet up for coffee or lunch, or a phone call in the subject line if appropriate. The good news is, they tend to be a bit easier to come up with. These are the subject lines you should use when following up on the first outreach email. Take a couple of minutes to show them that you’ve paid attention to their work, and those efforts can pay off when it comes to open rates and action being taken. If you don’t get an immediate response, don’t be afraid to try another version and give your email a second try. The average response rate of a single outreach mail (with delivery rates accounted for) is a measly 8.5%. Manually following up at exact intervals with personalized emails is a lot of work for 5 prospects. That’s why personalization is at the heart of every template we have included below. You need both volume (more prospects) and personalization to see significant impacts. 5. And with blogger or journalist outreach, your email subject line has to pass the sniff test, or it gets instantly deleted or even flagged for spam. For example: “Following up on your content marketing post on SEJ”. Try using a different subject line but addressing the same topic, or try putting a sense of urgency in the email message to gain more attention. 5 Tips For Networking Email Subject Line Success 1. However, offering a free lunch, or coffee, or website audit, whatever the case may be, can garner a second glance from busy recipients scrolling quickly through their inboxes. When your first cold email didn’t receive a response. It’s like any other referral: when someone’s vouching for you, even in the figurative sense through an email, it makes people feel more interested in exploring the connection and more confident about interacting with you. A great way to network with writers and journalists is to monitor and build relationships with those who are already using your products. “Something new I learned about the Dallas Mavericks after our conversation last week”. If you are as addicted to spreadsheets as most marketers, you can collaborate with your team in a Google spreadsheet like this to find possible openers. Respona will automatically find relevant contact information (including email addresses), and give you a chance to confirm the target before initiating the campaign. For example: “David, I see you like productivity apps.”, (name), thanks for mentioning (your company/product/service) on (platform). After all, it can take up to six emails to seal the deal on a sale. Pro tip: If you’re planning on using respona, make sure you keep track of the original article. Be careful with curiosity subject lines, though, as they can come off a bit sales-y in some situations.

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