The majority of my knives are full flat ground distal taper Spydercos. I find it is a lot sturdier and less likely to flex. This is a blessing and a curse. There is a large range of angles from <10 to 40 degrees per side. Repeatability is also an issue. The reason you can’t is there are too many areas of flex and wiggle . I started with the Edge Pro knockoff and it gave me an idea of what a real Edge Pro would be like for @ $20. 4.8. 4. Cheapest package ($165) left budget for an additional stone, etc. I'm considering buying a sharpening system under $200 that I can keep for a very long time. If I did get strops I would get several pairs of replacement leather. Dec 27, 2014. And it does not take hardly any pressure . Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. On one hand, you’re going to find you don’t have a lot of trouble hitting the whole bevel, because on a tiny scale you are convexing the edge . Edge Pro accessories Edge Pro Apex Edge Pro Apex vs. Professional, which one is better? I also find it difficult to get an appropriately low grind angle as the clamp gets in the way. I added a strong magnet to my Edge Pro knockoff to hold the blade down. Jeryl Beachy. This is going to be a huge upgrade from my Sharpmaker and DMT duo-sharp plates that I have freehanded with - but never quite got great edges. Fast delivery from our own stock Over 12.000 products Extended free-return policy until 31-01-2021. 0. I also purchased a set of additional (cheap) stones. Edge Pro Professional Edge Pro sharpening stones. I think you still need to hold larger knives on the magnets/3 point because otherwise they can slide around, but not a huge deal since I was ready to hold them all the time with the EP. the wicked edge is nice because you never make a large burr. However it’s still probably the most precise system once you know al the little techniques . I’ve been going back and forth on what to get and reading the shit out of everything I was coming across. 3 stones = an extra grit that I'd be buying extra from the Apex base kit (though the EP stones may be better than base Hapstones). I will likely crosspost this to r/sharpening to get their opinion. Once you can do that the system is of course, 10/10. If you've had the opportunity to test at least two of the sharpening systems mentioned, which did you prefer and why? Apex 1 ist das Basis- Latecomer to my research. What you need to do is always hold them the same way, and this becomes a non issue. I saw the V6 and V7 but they were at top/over budget so hadn't considered them. I’ve had the Edge Pro Professional model for quite some time (the model I got is closest to current pro kit #3, but I also bought the scissor/chisel attachment with it). stone clamp versatility - KME, Edge Pro, others. That said, I think it might be easier to sharpen smaller knives & get a lower angle on this setup vs the wicked edge. I also purchased 800/1000 diamond paddles as well as set of strop paddles. The problem is that since the Hapstone can take basically all other systems' stones, you have to pick between 500 different ones rather than 5. It can handle FFG knives, you’ll just need some padded tape or a yoga mat. So based on where you hold them, they’ll hit the edge at a different angle. Service. I strongly prefer the Apex. There are mixed views on the company itself so maybe there is a concern about part availability and long term support. Reason for this is you need to compensate for stone thickness on TWO arms for every single grit. They say up to 6", but I test-fit an 8" DMT duosharp in it - it fits (not sure how usable that is yet). Overall I am very happy with my purchase. But the fact that you don't have to stick to one brand of stone is a huge plus. EUR. The GO, however .. idk. I wasn't aware of the flex in the Hapstone M2's arm but I see on Amazon that another reviewer noticed the same thing. The knives I have are basic EDC knives, camp knives, and western chef knives. An alternative to r/knives. ChazzyP Platinum Member Platinum Member. Oct 19, 2017. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Next > Oct 19, 2017 #1. Just make sure you practice always holding the paddles the same way, apply pressure towards either top or bottom of the stones . My reasoning is basically exactly the same as yours. Gift cards. 15 degrees is ok for a micro-bevel, but won't help much when primary bevel is 10 degrees or less, Used a edgepro like system and got tired of holding the blade for a very long time(tool steel isn't fun without diamonds) and got a WE; never looked back, not as easy as some say though, you can still majorly fuck up your knife. - and I am not sure how long I can go before they NEED to be touched up as I've not dealt with lapping stones. It really is, but you may not use ANY pressure on it and I found myself rounding the tips often. Jul 9, 2018 #2. That being said, I do have pretty much all the accessories like the quick release spring and stop collar sold by If you plan on sharpening a lot and being really exact or love super steels: go WE(maybe kme, haven't tried it; though I heard that the clamp doesn't center the blade perfectly; there's also that Russian kme, no idea how it's called). I liked the concept of holding the blade vs clamping, Was 99% sure this was the system I was going to buy, Seemed to be inconsistent quality issues, and I would always be wondering what I was missing by not having the real-deal, so I assume this would also cost me more in the long run when I eventually upgraded to an actual Edge Pro. Though I think the rod size was changed at some point & believe the GO has the larger diameter rods. This combination honestly works fine but I want to take my knives to lower edge angles and experiment a bit. After some modifications I got the Edge knockoff working fairly well. Tagging, I’m also interested in this info. I strongly prefer the Apex. Get Smarter. It bends. Edge pro is less expensive, but also significantly better at achieving high levels of sharpness and consistent repeatability. If you are sharpening kitchen knives or bigger fixed blades the GO is a pleasure. The wicked edge would be out of my budget so I was looking into the KME or edge pro. What's your thoughts? That being said you better tape the hell out of your blade because it WILL pull that blade so hard into the table that it scratches it even when clean. Ultimately, the M2 seemed to be the sweet spot for me on price, features, and upgradeability, etc. It is difficult to get them to clamp properly (they tilt to one side). On the other hand, your edge will never be as precise as it can be with an edge pro, KME , or wicked edge. EUR. Buy some tiny clamps to stop this. It’s not as precise and easy as they’d have you believe . Login. I mostly sharpen folding pocket knives and that is where the shortcomings of the clamp start to rear there head. Saw the M2 mentioned in a thread as a new budget option and then went down the rabbit trail. I know I'll need to get something to flatten these stones, but am already considering the Venev diamond stones (haha, shoot, I didn't want to spend more!) Ultimately, I bought the Hapstone M2 and it arrived yesterday. More on that later . I will spend some time researching which stones to buy before going for the M2. It simply won’t happen. If I was to do it again, I would look harder at the KME especially with the GO at $200+. I've read a lot about the $30 Edge Pro clones but I'm not sold on the plastic parts and you end up having to buy real Edge Pro stones for it anyway. If you don’t mind the idea of holding your knife in place, I’d go with the edge pro every single time, but I want to reiterate it can be easier said than done. But I definitely think it's worth looking into for those getting into sharpening. All things pocket knives. This is a technique issue, and a patience issue, not a system issue but it was still an issue for me, and a big one. I had similar concerns about the clamps for both the KME and WE GO. I was already settled on eventually going edge pro or hapstone but all the info and comparisons you listed was exactly what I had be trying to find. I am sure this has been asked many time before but I am going to ask it again. 4,969. But all in all it is pleasingly well thought out, well made and the wrap with extra room for additional paddles was nice. You might look at those older videos for his perspective. Hope something in here helps, and feel free to hit me up with questions! What approach were you using to sharpen previously? What does this mean? I saw that there is a Hapstone R1 with a rotating clamp that looks slick, but this is well beyond my price range. You weren't going to get a pimpy polished edge but you could achieve a good working edge. Simply keep this in mind and it will serve you well. Fucking phenomenal . I sold it because I suck. Ultimately, I’ll most likely end up going with a cheap edge pro style with modifications and better stones to start. Later on, I’ll progress to a hapstone. I could remove the magnet to clear metal particles. In operation since 1998, has led the industry since Day 1. if you’re like me and like the edge pro style systems due to being able to use some pressure , the vertical and 3 point supports can move on you.

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