But it tends to minimize the importance of the distinction of that which is prior to individual experience and that which results therefrom. Hegelianism attempts to squeeze all life into the categories of logic: Aristotelianism deals with "things in general" and ignores the radical distinction between nature and spirit. The town passed wholly into the possession of the Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel family in 1671, and for nearly one hundred years enjoyed the distinction of being the ducal capital. Here they remained, and with one or two other great families governed Geneva, and sent forth many representatives to seek their fortune and win distinction in the service of foreign princes, both as soldiers and ministers. The nature of the distinction between annals and history is a subject that has received more attention from critics than its intrinsic importance deserves. Distinction; 1. Distinction in a sentence 1. The relation between Hephaestus and Prometheus is in some respects close, though the distinction between these gods is clearly marked. _undertoad. and Catherine Esther Beecher, attaining literary distinction. And, as the old distinction survived in law and religion after all substantial privileges were abolished, so presently a new distinction arose of which law and religion knew nothing, but which became in practice nearly as marked and quite as important as the older one. It is important, however, to point out an essential distinction. 2. use "distinction" in a sentence The distinction between right and wrong is easily blurred when you get into really complex moral issues. https://www.foboko.com/sentence-dictionary/english/distinction In the later period of the republic they are confounded with the Penates (and other deities), though the distinction between them was probably more sharply marked in earkor times. 4 The distinction of pure and mixed articles - those of revelation and those taught in common by revelation and natural theology - reappears in modern Roman Catholic theology as a distinction between pure and mixed dogmas. CM 249707 I can make a distinction between good and bad. The most important of them are Termessus, near the frontier of Lycia, a strong fortress in a position of great natural strength and commanding one of the principal passes into Pamphylia; Cremna, another mountain fortress, north of the preceding, impending over the valley of the Cestrus; Sagalassus, a little farther north, a large town in a strong position, the ruins of which are among the most remarkable in Asia Minor; Selge, on the right bank of the Eurymedon, surrounded by rugged mountains, notwithstanding which it was in Strabo's time a large and opulent city; and Antioch, known for distinction's sake as Antioch of Pisidia, and celebrated for the visit of St Paul. Klapalek (1904) lays stress on a supposed distinction between appendicular and non-appendicular genital processes. The main distinction is the occurrence in the tissue of the fruit, or beneath the rind, of clusters of cells filled with hard woody deposit in the case of the pear, constituting the "grit," while in the apple no such formation of woody cells takes place. No distinction between head, thorax and abdomen can be observed. Example sentences with the word distinctions. Since the Conveyancing (Scotland) Act 1874, there is, however, not much distinction between burgage tenure and free holding. There is such a many-sided richness, such a tenderness, such a poetry, such an originality, such a distinction revealed by the innumerable anecdotes in the memoirs of his disciples, that his personality is brought home to us as one of the most lovable and one of the strongest of men. The characters offered by the circular lip are among the most important for the distinction of species.

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