The problem of plugged in not charging in Dell Inspiron Laptop can be frustrating. Battery not charging when windows 10 active. This problem can be either with the battery or with the charging cord of the laptop. In order to get this speed increase, I have to leave my laptop left plugged in. Battery plugged in not charging in windows 10: If you are bothered by Windows 10 plugged in not charging, you should turn off this feature. Have already tried new Original AC Adaptor, with various combinations of the new Original battery out/in, device manager reset, shutdown/restart, etc but still not charging. To fix the laptop battery not charging issue in Windows 10, you can try running the Windows Troubleshooter. My laptop is currently on 3% battery. In this article, We are going to explain a very simple method using which you can solve this problem. ... will be alright but this time around I suddenly lost the functionality of my laptop battery I am now getting "plugged-in not charging" and I did checked Windows Update and updates were installed.. The power cord is plugged in, and the black rectangle in the middle of it has a green light, but its still not charging. AC adapter is original one from Dell bought with this PC (XPS18). Battery Plugged-in not Charging after Windows 10 recent update. Windows 10 update installed last week. Have been on Windows 10 for at least a year with no charging issues. Run the Power Troubleshooter. I am running Windows 10 Home, version 1803. Before taking any action make sure if your battery is not damaged. I have Inspiron N7110 that is not charging even after plugged in. Self-Diagnose . Battery charging not working since then. Since then, it has not been charging. Go to Start > Settings > Update &Security > Troubleshoot. Usually, Windows 10 will increase the "Speed" of the when there is a heavily demanding task for windows to run, but this is not the case when my laptop is not plugged in, and when set to the "better performance" power setting. I have read a number of possible easy solutions, none of which seem to work. Battery plugged in not charging in Windows 10 is one of the most common problem laptop users are facing after upgrading to windows 10. I have recently noticed that the battery on my Dell Laptop, which runs on Windows 10. Whenever I unplug the charger, my laptop turns off. Dell XPS 18 - all in one. (64 bit) is not charging and displays the note "plugged in but not charging. We have provided some methods on this page which may be useful to fix this problem. Scroll down to the Power section and click Run the troubleshooter to fix problems. I recently upgraded my Dell laptop to a Windows 10. With new Battery level at 30% I updated the BIOS to A13, after which the Battery LED is completely off. The adapter and leads etc seem to be in order as the laptop runs ok plugged in but without the battery installed.

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