Bonfires in Dark Souls 3 are safe points within Locations where players can rest, repair equipment, recover Estus, and travel to other lit bonfires. ... Head to the Tower on the Wall bonfire and get to the bottom of the tower, and use the ladder to get even lower. 0. For Dark Souls III on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "How do you unlock the locked door by the Tower on the Wall bonfire? Opens the access to the Bell Tower behind Firelink Shrine. After arriving in the new area, exit the small room via the door to reach the battlements outside. ; Grants access to area containing Fire Keeper Soul, Homeward Bone, Estus Flask Shard, Covetous Silver Serpent Ring (in a chest behind an illusory wall across the rafters which are directly above the Bonfire), Estus Ring, Fire Keeper Set, a Crystal Lizard holding Twinkling Titanite, and Picklepum The Crow's nest. Post Comment. Tower Key Usage. Next Walkthrough Cleansing Chapel - tower Prev Walkthrough High Wall of Lothric. 3. From a Bonfire you select the following menu options: Travel Attune Spell Organize Storage Box Burn Undead Bone Shard Begin journey x Undead Match Map Click the map to make it larger, and be sure to check out all of our Dark Souls 3 maps.. HIGH WALL OF LOTHRIC BONFIRE To begin, warp here … High Wall of Lothric - from the Bonfire Dark Souls III Guide. Part 1: To the Tower on the Wall Bonfire. ". 3.

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