However, given that some of your courgettes are growing normally, and those that are rotting are very small, I think the problem is almost certainly caused by inadequate pollination: Make sure your courgettes get regular watering which is adjusted according to the weather, at the moment with the dry weather we have been having you may need to water twice a day. You’ll first notice this disease as light brown spots that develop at the blossom end of young fruit. P.S.- There are actually a couple more reasons why your plants may have blossom end rot–I’ve chosen to focus on this reason and solution because not watering enough is usually the culprit 80% of the time. My First Pumpkin: Adventures with Blossom End Rot. Photo via Alamy. As the zucchini grows, the spots turn dark and leathery, and expand. Dette skyldes ofte calciummangel i jorden og eller mangel på vand. I am assuming that yours had been pollinated. Blossom end rot isn’t fun, but you don’t have to let it ruin all your hard work in the vegetable garden. This invariably starts when the petals of the fading flower start to deteriorate and the rot … The reason may be: The plants may be too young and small to sustain fruits. September 2, 2020 by farmtheworld, posted in Catherine Winter, Fruit, Homesteading, Problems, Vegetables. Courgette, marrow, pumpkin and squash problems. Blossom End Rot – What is it? This could be Blossom End Rot (BER) to which most of the cucurbit family are susceptible. I always remove the old shrivelled-up flowers once the courgette has been pollinated, to prevent blossom end rot, especially in wet and damp weather. Tag: courgette blossom end rot. Sometimes, the fruit will begin to develop, swelling mostly at the stalk end. The flower end of the fruit will often shrivel up and start rotting. Q How do courgette fruits rot?. It sounds like blossom end rot which is caused by a lack of water, irregular watering or a lack of calcium and magnesium in the soil. It is caused by a calcium deficiency - see my answer here.. A The fruits start to develop normally and then, when still quite small, start to discolour and rot at the flower end.The rot then spreads back along the fruit towards the stem. Blossom end rot isn’t caused by a fungus or bacterium. I agree, I regularly test the flowers to see if they will rub off. I finally have a beautiful, healthy pumpkin in my garden, after months of dealing with blossom end rot. Blossom End Rot or BER shows up as a small wet water-soaked spot at the blossom end of the fruit.Over time it darkens to a brown or black color and becomes leathery and hard. This is not a disease, as reported by many web sites, nor is it the result of insect damage. Blossom End Rot. En tredje mulig årsag er utilstrækkelig naturlig bestøvning af insekter. Blossom end rot er en tilstand, der forekommer i nogle havegrøntsager, hvor enden af den voksende grøntsag, hvor blomsten pludselig rådner, ødelægger den.

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