Uranus. could a human breathe could the live on it without food or water? Similar to the other gas giants we have explored so far, Uranus has no solid surface. I don't think I would want to live on Myanus. So, putting on the best parka money can buy, you decide to head out and explore! It’s very unlikely that life exists on Uranus. SEE WHAT LIFE WOULD BE LIKE ON ANOTHER PLANET: Your email address will not be published. Deadly abundances of methane gas are now the cause of your world’s blue skies. Living on Uranus does have its perks, despite the barren landscape. Precipitation does occur since you still have an atmosphere, but much differently. Then, living on Uranus might be the ideal situation for you! Maybe, but probably not. In science fiction movies, we often see people’s heads exploding or being frozen by the apparent pressure differential or lack of heat, respectively. Next, the moment you arrive on the third biggest planet, you immediately notice the temperature. Of course, you will want to check currency exchange rates. In other words, your new year lasts for 84 Earth years. Uranus's surface is about -357F and it's center is about 9000F so water cannot survive there unless there's really high pressure because the water there would become vapor or a gas. Length of Day: 17 hours (46% of 1 Earth Day), Length of Year: 30,687 days (84 x 1 Earth year). However, keep in mind that your car’s gasoline and evening glass of wine would both freeze and crystalize instantly. The Solar System. Don’t mind being the butt (literally) of jokes throughout the solar system? If Elon Musk has his way, we'll soon be living it up on Mars. Living on Uranus is not conducive with sight-seeing. Finding ways to distribute the valuable gems back to Earth could make you the wealthiest person alive. Finally, Earth is observable from your new home, should you become homesick. Poisonous fumes/gases emit throughout Uranus. Will 5G Impact Our Cell Phone Plans (or Our Health?! But, when birthday party invitees are no-shows, don’t hold it against them. ), The Secret Science of Solving Crossword Puzzles, Racist Phrases to Remove From Your Mental Lexicon. Score! Crediting icy temperatures to unknown internal processes, your new planet is the coldest in the solar system. Nearly 2 billion from the Sun, very little light hits your home, even during the 42 year summers. Opposite of your short days, living on Uranus brings 31,000-day-long years! The temperatures on Uranus are too low and drop as low as -227 degrees Centigrade. Do you find yourself longing for more bling? If life did exist on ice giant Uranus, it wouldn’t be the life that we’re used to. However, being the first person living on Uranus, it is you who invents money! Have you often said, “I wish this summer would last another 41 years?” Would you enjoy sleeping nude, outdoors on a winter’s night, with a powerful fan blowing on you? There is no chance of surviving in the scary cosmic void. Plus, the planet’s surface layers are extremely frigid. Yet, they dance around your planet, like mesmerizing ice sculptures. Finally, skipping what would have been your NFL season, winter instantly sets in. But, let’s put that thought aside, blast off to the outer solar system, and find out what living on Uranus would be like. Saturn and Jupiter both received this same advice. The Uranus atmosphere is very toxic, unstable, and inhospitable for sustainable life. Something to consider! However, at 100,000 miles around, your home is the third largest planet, and much too big to explore anyhow. It is hypothesized that one of Neptune's satellites could be used for colonization. Of course, living in such environments would require tremendously advanced technology. Well, before you pack up and voyage to the planet, there are many important things you need to know. In addition, it has been noted that there’s no process to supply organisms with energy Got a question for us? Similar to Earth, your new day lasts for 17 hours, not too shabby! Because Uranus has the lowest escape velocity of the four gas giants, it has been proposed as a mining site for helium-3. Plus, in your terribly long year, your first birthday has not yet occurred. As a gas giant, Uranus lacks a solid surface for landing spacecraft or building long-term habitation facilities. While the inner planets are fiery worlds of molten rock, the outer planets are cold and desolate places. If human supervision of the robotic activity proved necessary, one of Uranus's natural satellites might serve as a base. 6 Answers. In fact, only two seasons occur on Uranus, summer and winter. 1 decade ago. Blowing at a speedy 560 miles per hour, gusts of wind are sure to knock you down. However, at 100,000 miles around, your home is the third largest planet, and much too big to explore anyhow. Only once you observed other planets would you notice this awkward shift. Actually, jumping, lifting and body weight are slightly more favorable, if anything! Plus, Moons form after planets form, we know this now. You would not be able to live on Uranus, because it is a gas planet and there is no solid part on it. Methane in your world chemically changes to carbon. However, there maybe a possibility that Uranus could sustain life, once we develop the technology required to live on gaseous planets. Okay, a person falling on Uranus, assuming starting at the cloud tops, would be whipped and hurled about by the fierce wind, which can reach a speed of 900 kilometers per hour—faster than any on earth. What is the Hottest Planet in the solar system? Not to mention, your extreme tilt creates enduring, long seasons. Appearing as a pale dot, you gaze beyond the methane atmosphere at your prior homeland. As long as you don’t try to hold your breath, you will survive for about 30 seconds before you sustain any injuries. First, extreme tilting causes your north pole to face the Sun for half of your year. Fact Check: What Power Does the President Really Have Over State Governors? Life found on yeranus. Your friends will be feeding you birthday cake with a single candle in your highchair in no time! Answer Save. Living on Uranus is not conducive with sight-seeing. In other words, summer drags on slowly, seeing the Sun creep across the sky for 42 years. A Surprising Answer. Weather forecasts living on Uranus are predictable and bleak. There is no possible way for humans to live on Uranus, we could live on some of Uranus's moons if we learned to breathe methane, or ammonia, and adapt to water with methane and ammonia in it, also the … Based on scientific knowledge as of 2014, it is not possible for humans to live on Uranus. Therefore, living on Uranus will be limited to the outer cloud top layers. Studied for decades, the cause of your new planet’s tilt is still a mystery. Yet, blue skies on Uranus differ dramatically from Earth. Venturing out to explore, vacant, smooth, blue horizons surround you as far as the eye can see. Severe weather on Uranus can cause wind speeds to exceed 500 mph, which is also inhospitable to human life. Flipped completely on its side, Uranus sits at a near-90º tilt. Peering through the gaseous haze, you become awe-inspired by 27 Moons. Peering through the gaseous haze, you … Required fields are marked *. If human supervision of the robotic activity proved necessary, one of Uranus's natural satellites might serve as a base. The first is the fact that Uranus has no solid surface.

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