There is no fungicide registered for control of the disease. Clematis, to some extent, can be susceptible to diseases such as powdery mildew, slime flux, etc., but I suspect when most gardeners are looking to find a disease resistant clematis they want one that will not succumb to the dreaded stem rot (aka wilt). How to Prevent Clematis Wilt Clematis wilt is a common problem when growing clematis, especially with the fancier hybrids which have less resistance. "Roses grow best on heavy clay soils with lots of organic matter helping to keep the surface roots moist and wet!" To rejuvenate, cut it back to a leaf bud about 8 to 12” from the ground in late winter. Disease Menu. Wilted leaves on mature Clematis 'Elsa Spaeth' This young Clematis 'Piilu' was so damaged by wilt that I cut it Say goodbye the disappointment of clematis wilt in your garden. In 1997 a research group tested a variety of cultivars, using the above mentioned clematis wilt test, for sensitivity to the disease and at the same time they did a British survey among amateur gardeners and commercial growers, to see which plants they thought were more resistant to wilt. This wilt-resistant cultivar is great for growing on trellises, over stumps, or as a ground cover. - Ken Woolfenden, Webperson Many first time clematis growers get discouraged by wilt damaged vines and then just give up on the plant. Clematis wilt is a common problem when growing clematis, especially with the fancier hybrids which have less resistance. Here is what to do to try to prevent it from happening to your clematis. It blooms on current year’s growth. Know the signs. If your vine is healthy it will very likely come back again like mine does. Species clematis and the smaller-flowered varieties, such as C. montana, C. macropetala, C. alpina and C. viticella are more resistant to wilt.   Clematis wilt causes the foliage and stems of your clematis vine to dry and whither, possibly even turning them black. These Clematis have been recommended by our Members as being good, reliable plants, easy to grow and resistant to the more common pests and diseases. Clematis wilt: Even if you grow clematis that are very resistant to wilt, next summer your plant may still get it. Clematis montana, Clematis macropetala, Clematis alpina and Clematis viticella are reported to be wilt-resistant. Clematis wilt is the most feared disease for clematis growers, garden advice explain how to control it. Clematis wilt is a fungus disease (Ascochyta clematidina) that is also sometimes referred to as clematis leaf and stem spot.

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