Cashew allergies, one form of tree nut allergy, can cause severe and even life-threatening allergic reactions. If you have been tested for specific nuts, your doctor or allergist will be able to advise whether it is possible to include certain nuts in your diet. The treatment for cashew allergy consists of avoiding all foods containing cashew or any other component that you may be allergic to. Derivatives of cashew nuts are permitted in cosmetics and toiletries including foundation make-up, shampoos, lotions and scalp creams. This information can be provided in writing and/or orally. The food allergen labelling laws that cover pre-packed food now also apply to the catering sector. This is a process known as cross-reactivity– in which the proteins in one food are similar in structure to those in another food. pralines. Cashew allergies often prompt respiratory symptoms that mimic asthma, especially when the reaction is prompted by cashew dust that has been inhaled. 1 Alexandra Road Nutella (made from hazelnuts) marzipan (almond paste) pesto (unless specially prepared without pine nuts) baklava. Click here for more information on DMCA policy. Symptoms include itchy, watery eyes, difficulty breathing, a runny or stuffy nose, wheezing, shortness of breath, and chest tightness. Every effort is taken to ensure accuracy. Gastrointestinal symptoms are the most common effects of food allergies. This reaction includes symptoms such as difficulty breathing, swelling in the throat and airways, lightheadedness, rapid pulse, and fainting or loss of consciousness. While it is possible to have an allergy only to cashews, many people with this allergy are also allergic to pistachio and mango, since these are in the same tree nut family. Foods That Contain Tree Nuts. So is it best to avoid all nuts if you are allergic to one or two of them? While it is possible to have sensitivity just to cashews, many individuals with this hypersensitivity are likewise adversely affected by pistachio and mango, since these are in a similar tree nut family. These recipes can still be enjoyed by experimenting with peanut butter replacements. This reaction can occur even with the ingestion or inhalation of very small amounts of cashew. A lot of restaurant chains including Five Guys uses peanut oil for their deep frying needs. Detailed information on anaphylaxis and its treatment can be found here: Anaphylaxis fact sheet According to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology, OAS is a pollen-food syndrome caused by cross-reacting allergens in pollen and raw fruits, vegetables, and some tree nuts. A person who is allergic to cashews may not react to other types of nuts, such as walnuts or chestnuts. Hampshire Cashew nut butter is produced and is the equivalent of peanut butter. Additional foods cross-react with pistachio including mango and artemisia. Some allergy experts would indeed advise that total avoidance is best in order to play safe. Often, they experience similar reactions when eating these foods. Other cashew allergy symptoms affect the skin, including itching, swelling, hives, and rashes. Eating nuts from the shells can avoid the risk of cross-contamination from other types of nut. Often, they experience similar reactions when eating these foods. Adrenaline fact sheet. Anaphylaxis Campaign (incorporating the Latex Allergy Support Group), a charity registered in England and Wales (1085527) and a registered company limited by guarantee in England and Wales (04133242). Recent web postings on non-medical websites have raised the question if pink peppercorns may pose an allergy risk in people diagnosed with cashew and pistachio allergy. nut liqueurs (Frangelico, Amaretto, and Nocello) nougat. Most people don’t have cross-reactions. Here’re some honest pieces of cashew allergy symptoms that you need to think upon. You should also wear a medic alert bracelet to inform others about your condition. Allergens responsible for cashew nut allergy are highly potent and for some people, these reactions have the potential to be … This is a process known as cross-reactivity – in which the proteins in one food are similar in structure to those in another food. So many wonderful recipes call for peanut butter. Finally, some people with cashew allergies experience a life-threatening reaction known as anaphylaxis. The prevalence of cashew nut allergy is increasing, especially in children. If information is provided orally, the food business will need to ensure that there is some sort of written signage that is clearly visible, to indicate that allergen information is available from a member of staff. Epinephrine can reverse these symptoms, providing time to reach a hospital for medical attention.If untreated, this reaction can result in death. People allergic to cashew can also be allergic to other nuts. However it is best to be on your guard in case this should change. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of Peanut Allergy's terms & conditions and privacy policy. Cashews, a tree nut, often prompt severe allergic reactions. Our registered company address is Anaphylaxis Campaign, 1 Alexandra Road, Farnborough, GU14 6BU. Because it is fairly common to be “co-allergic” to tree nuts if a child is peanut allergic, it is recommended that young children avoid tree nuts if they are peanut-allergic. Numerous studies have of course demonstrated crossreactivity to cashew and pistachio. Chestnuts and almonds can cause cross-reactions, as can peppermint and mustard. When eating out or buying takeaway food, food businesses are required to provide information on major allergenic ingredients (including cashews). The material on this site is for informational and educational purposes only. Other cross-reactivities for pistachio based on case reports might be pectin and other foods containing the lipid transfer protein. We aimed to determine IgE cross-sensitisation and cross-reactivity profiles in cashew nut-sensitised subjects, towards botanically related proteins of other Anacardiaceae family members and related tree nut species. Our advice is that it depends what allergy tests you have had. So is it best to avoid all nuts if you are allergic to one or two of them? All the information we produce is evidence based or follows expert opinion and is checked by our expert Clinical and research reviewers. Peanuts and peanut oil are cheap and easy additives to food and other commercial goods. While it is possible to have an allergy only to cashews, many people with this allergy are also allergic to pistachio and mango, since these are in the same tree nut family. GU14 6BU. There is a panallergen found in celery, carrot, apple, peanut, paprika, anise, fennel, coriander, and cumin that demonstrates cross-reactivity with mango. The rash is usually pink in color and warm to the touch. Increased consumption of cashew nuts and a change in eating and cooking habits may be responsible. In other words, OAS occurs because the proteins found in some fruits, vegetables, spices, and legumes are very similar to those in pollen. 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