The “Earth” is a planet. Liquid water is just the start. But less gravity than you’d expect. We are living on Earth. Super Earths are few and far between, but every one astronomers find leads us to better understand the likelihood of finding life elsewhere in the galaxy. Question : Which is correct, are we living “in the Earth” or “on the earth”? Astronomers classify a gas giant as a planet with at least 10x Earth’s mass. or large hollow "caverns" in the mantle? But, so far, it seems very fortunate that we aren't living on a planet that's any of those things. We don't know what would happen if Earth were supersized or closer to the sun. or a very light core or something? Don’t let the name fool you, however. If the planet has a thick atmosphere it may be able to support life. Can there be a super earth with earth like gravity, due to some type of elements in the mantle? This world is a virtual sphere (a ball) and we are all in i.e. A super-Earth planet could very easily be a gas planet too. Answer : We are living in this world. inside (of) it. Considering these planets can have 5 or more times the mass of Earth. So, in the meantime, we'll explore what life on a rocky, habitable super-Earth might be like. "Super Earth" 1,200 light-years away might be able to sustain life. And if its possible, what would be the maximum size of such a super-earth, depending on the types geological compositions (or combinations of geological situations), with an equal (or almost equal) gravity to our earth? By Brian Mastroianni June 2, 2016 / 8:36 AM / CBS News Super-Earth planets are planets with more mass than our own, but less than that of a gas giant. If you could stand on the surface of a super earth, you’d probably feel a higher gravity. Astronomers discovered a 'super-Earth' orbiting a dwarf sun 31 light-years away. JoAnna Wendel 5.22.2020 12:30 AM

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