We offer a diverse range of ACT prep options to fit a ton of different timelines and budgets, and our squad of ACT gurus loves nothing more than helping students crush the test. Other restrictions that may affect whether you can use your calculator on the ACT include: Check out the ACT website for the most up-to-date details about the ACT’s calculator policy. The ACT’s calculator policy prohibits several types of devices. For our complete privacy policy, see Privacy Policy. Accessible calculators (such as audio/“talking” or Braille) are allowed if authorized in advance of testing by ACT for the ACT … But don’t worry: Our Advisors only recommend products that they’ve used and that they trust. All of the. The ACT allows students to use any 4-function, scientific, or graphing calculator that doesn’t violate their restrictions; of these options, the TI-84 Plus and the TI-Nspire (non-CAS) are two of the models most commonly used in American high school math classes, but there are many others. You should always check with the ACT directly about what calculators are allowed on the ACT. When choosing a calculator for the ACT, remember that while some are allowed others are not. So, yes you can use a calculator on the ACT…. Remember that point, because in spite of there being some calculations to make in the Science section, only break out the calculator during the Math test. Calculators that have a computer-style (QWERTY) keypad or stylus; Any laptops, tablets, smartphones, smartwatches, etc. CAS calculators can do calculus commands like integrals and derivatives. Prevent distractions to other students because of bells, whistles, and gizmos on your calculator. A CAS calculator can solve problems algebraically, which would defeat the … 3. What Calculators Are Allowed On The SAT? Elizabeth lives in Nashville, Tennessee, but you can always find her at elizabethonline.com. For example, the SAT allows the TI-89 (a popular calculator), while the ACT forbids it. Prevent cheating by not allowing students to share calculators or have the capability of transmitting answers to one another. TI-83 and TI-84 models are approved. Elizabeth King is an established leader in SAT and ACT test preparation; she tutors students worldwide, coaching students to consistently unlock their potential and earn significant SAT and ACT score gains. Even as the ACT math is growing, arguably, more advanced to highlight the skills of the most developed math students, the need for a calculator may not be growing in kind. Some schools will also allow you to check calculators out temporarily. That being said, there are never real calculations required and calculators are, therefore, not allowed on the ACT Science–nor are they necessary. PDAs, tablets, iPads, and pen-input devices (other than the Sharp EL 9600) are also not allowed. The 5 best calculators allowed for the ACT. TI-Nspire CX Graphing Calculator. By Mark Zegarelli . Whatever you choose to do, make sure that you give yourself enough time to become familiar with the functionality of the calculator that you’ll be using. One important note on the ACT rules–you are allowed to bring more than one calculator. Not all calculators are allowed in the ACT testing room. You may change your settings at any time. If you have a calculator that is prohibited (or if you don’t have a calculator at all), consider borrowing a non-prohibited device from a friend or sibling. …that has a power cord–provided you remove the cord. Other online programs may be more realistic, more, Kaplan is the oldest test-prep company in the US. …that has a printer housing for paper tape–provided the tape is removed. Casio Prizm; Casio 9750 GII; Casio 9860 GII Prohibited Calculators on the ACT: Another overlooked rule to remember is that calculators are only allowed to be used on the ACT Math test. I’ve written more about those concerns in an article about What Math is on the ACT. So which calculators are allowed on the ACT? NOTE: These settings will only apply to the browser and device you are currently using. One of the great skills of taking a standardized math test is knowing when to use your calculator and when not to. By browsing our website, you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. In other words, all versions of TI-84 Plus and TI-Nspire™ CX (excluding CAS) graphing calculators are allowed on the ACT ® exam. Which cookies and scripts are used and how they impact your visit is specified on the left. You can do so here. Sign Up For a Free Class As some of you probably already know, you can use your own calculator during the ACT Math Test. Keep in mind that even though some of these modifications may seem ridiculous at first blush, their intention is purely to help students. As you may know, not every calculator is allowed to be used on major standardized tests like the ACT and SAT. If your calculator uses batteries, you’re responsible for bringing spare batteries (or at least ensuring the calculator doesn’t die) because the proctors aren’t allowed to assist you in such circumstances. You can only have one out at a time, but you can switch whenever you feel like it with the spare you have under your desk. Founded back in 1938, they’ve been helping students prepare for the, ACT Online Prep is an automated test-prep program created by the company that produces the real ACT. To that end, you may not use cell phones, tablets, anything with QWERTY keyboards, laptops, or Blackberries. If you’d like more details and information, full guidelines for the SAT’s calculator policy can be found here. 2. I’ve written more about those concerns in an article about What Math is on the ACT and What Formulas Are Given on the ACT. Her proprietary methods appear in her books, Outsmarting the SAT (‘08) and Acing the ACT (‘15), both with Ten Speed Press. All math questions can technically be answered without a calculator, but most test-takers find that a calculator helps them complete the math section faster and more accurately. Check out our favorite graphing and scientific calculators that are not only allowed on the ACT, but will help you to reach a top score! Don’t be the sort of student whose hand is always resting on the calculator. For the ACT, you can bring any calculator that does NOT have computer algebra system (CAS) functionality . …that has an infrared data port–provided you cover the data port with duct tape or electrical tape. Once again, no, you may not use a CAS calculator on the ACT. 1. Though you can do all of the math by hand, a calculator will save time on calculations and prevent common mistakes. As soon as students find out about the ACT’s advanced math sections–testing all the way through statistics and trigonometry–the very first question they ask is, “Are you allowed to have a calculator on the ACT?”. However, these calculators have the capability to add a program or app that gives the calculator CAS capabilities. No one at the ACT organization wants you to have to go out and buy a new calculator just so you can take this test. For example, the SAT allows the TI-89 (a popular calculator), while the ACT forbids it. Keep in mind that these “calculator rules” are designed to do a variety of functions: According to the ACT organization, you’re allowed to use any four function, scientific, or graphing calculators–minus the exceptions listed below. Best LSAT Prep 2020: Third Party Materials, An Overview of What’s Tested on the ACT Reading Section, Strategies for ACT Math: How to Conquer the Section, An Overview of What’s Tested on the ACT Math Section, No electronic writing pads or pen-input devices (with one or two exceptions), No calculators with QWERTY-format letter keys. Make sure you know the permitted calculators for the ACT test before going into the exam! One of the questions that I get most often from students is “which calculators are allowed on the ACT?” Used correctly, a calculator can be one of the most valuable tools you have at your disposal on the ACT; however, you don’t want to show up to the testing site on the day of the test and find that your calculator is banned. But there a lot of calculators out there, some of them quite fancy. And as a general rule, the ACT has a lot more rules that the SAT when it comes to which devices you can use. Because of this, it’s important to know what the ACT’s policy is concerning which calculators you can use on the test; that way, you can avoid any unwanted surprises on test day and focus on maximizing your Math score. We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our website, to show you personalized content and targeted ads, to analyze our website traffic, and to understand where our visitors are coming from. In September 2017, the calculator policy changed to include the language above.

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