I'm just starting the second semester of this program, so can offer you my thoughts but really it's only based on one semester so far. Waitlisted for Winter 2021 (International) Length: 2 Years Credential: Diploma Delivery: Full Time Classroom Apply now I'm in my late-30s and already have a master's degree in science and a decent job. A few years ago I made the decision to study Business, so over the course of three years I did a diploma and Certificate 3 in Business (other way round) when I finished I relished I probably won't go to uni. I'm just wondering if there are classes that run on weekends? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, discussion about this matter over at /r/australia. This is why there are many different business administration education options. That said you are a unique student - you could care less about the diploma and more about the actual topics. wordt in het Engels gegeven. Je diploma is het bewijs dat je het beste Europese onderwijs hebt genoten. Complete rip off! So far I have zero details other than that, so I'm not sure whether it's during the day or evening. This thread is archived. Open for Spring 2021. report. So you can't do it whenever you want or leave everything to the last minute. Long story short I've been placed into an online Diploma in Business and Administration course through Careers Australia. WO Masteropleiding Bedrijfskunde. I guess that happens in on-campus courses too though. What is the potential salary for a business administration major? Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. You will learn to lead teams, manage payroll systems and coordinate staff. You could benefit from on-the-job training, seminars, and certificate programs. It seems odd you're in an expensive course you don't know much about. They are structured, meaning you have due dates for submitting or completing assignments/quizzes. NAIT offers a wide variety. Yeah, I'd just go to TAFE and do it there. Thats probably more of a personality trait than anything though. Hi NAIT folks, I'm interested in taking the two-year business administration - management diploma program. Diploma and its costing you 15k sounds like you're getting ripped. Business administration is a common field of study for undergraduates and graduate students alike. If the weekend option is not available, how does the online option work? So, I'm not doing this to change my career but simply to learn more about the theories and standards of business practices in accounting, marketing, management, etc. Hey, So I'll try to make this as short as possible. Im frustrated with the lack of detail... it better be evening since most of us work during the day!! I think 930 is the latest that they can go, but I've never been there for that long. Any feedback regarding the two-year B.Admin diploma is appreciated. Does anyone know if it's worth taking or not? 3. So you don't have to take all five at once. There were no courses offered during the weekend. De eenjarige masteropleiding Business Administration (MSc.) You can apply to SAIT's Bachelor of Business Administration … Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. (I have had classes taught by business instructors in another program where there was a lot of business related courses), New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Unofficial subreddit for the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, Press J to jump to the feed. Who enrolled you? Hey. Graduates can seek roles in a variety of different fields, including marketing, finance, human resources and management. If you are in it to learn, online is not the right path. Is the business industry projected to grow or shrink in the foreseeable future? I got a call from Job Support Australia saying i was referred to them (i forgot to inquire as to who but i'm trying to contact them to ask), they essentially said they would help me find work and that the diploma would be my best bet for a menial office job. Thanks for your input! Evening courses start at 6pm and, on average, we are done around 8 or 830 so far. Open for Winter 2021. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. my subreddits. Some business administration jobs require advanced degrees; others require no degree at all. Business Administration Education . If you are interested in developing this skill set in an industry that is growing beyond the national average, providing an above-average salary, with the opportunity for career growth and development, then a business administration major can be a great … Wat kan ik met BSc International Business Administration worden? We flat out said no, for $15000 you might as well go to uni for a couple of years instead. Edit/add: someone in a different post said they were taking cmis1150 on Saturday.. Some instructors have make-work projects to demonstrate you are putting in time such as multiple weekly forum post (minimum word count) and a requirement to make replies to others. This course will prepare you for administrative roles and carrying out office tasks. Also, what do you mean by "placed in"? I like the online courses because you can do them at 1pm or 1am, as long as you meet your deadlines. This online business course covers a range of skills including prioritising workloads, professional development, implementing new administration procedures, managing payrolls and more. I want to figure out if the diploma is worth taking, as it's gonna be $15,500 (through Fee Help), online and 6 months long. 26 comments. Thanks. I like this program because you can take the spring semester and therefore be done in basically a year/15 months versus the two years. I get that impression too, seeing as i saw TAFE offering the same thing. Both them and Careers Australia seem to be legit, but i still wonder if there's any point to the course at all (and yes, i do get that i was essentially railroaded here :I). save. I, myself and my girl friend recent, was called from one of these college offering such a course with a ipad as a incentive to enroll in their course. They then immediately put me through an enrollment application for the course with Careers Australia. share. Consider completing a Diploma of Business Administration (BSB50415), which will develop your skills in project work and managing teams. Good luck with whatever you choose - actually enjoying the topics at hand makes classes so much more fulfilling. A business administration major prepares you to effectively handle business theory and management principles in a professional manner. But sometimes it's hard to get a read on a prof and figure out what they actually want. about a year later I decided to go down the IT road and did a Diploma and IT and originally the plan was to get a job in IT help desk. You graduate ready to enter CPA's Advanced Certificate in Finance and Accounting program. The problem is i don't know if employers recognise it or just think it's a dud course. A Diploma of Business Administration (BSB50415) will give you the skills to coordinate business projects in any workplace. Open for Fall 2021. Office managers perform a diverse set of administrative tasks such as hiring, supervising and motivating employees and evaluating office procedures to find more efficient methods. Online classes are all instructor dependent. 4. Depends on the prof and how they structure their class and if you're allowed to leave early. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Het pre-master & masterprogramma starten in september en februari.Op de Engelse website lees je meer over de opbouw van de opleiding, het pre-masterprogramma en de toelatingseisen.Bovendien vind je op de website ook informatie over beroepsperspectieven en … Will a business administration major provide a career that will give me job satisfaction? Business Administration. All that being said, I do have an online class (intro to HR I think it is) that says we have 3 days over the semester where we must be on campus to present a group project.

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