This rare dwarf delphinium grows just 12-14'' tall -- ideal as a colorful low hedge or the front of a border. One of our favorite new perennials, the deep blue flowers of Blue Butterfly Delphinium begins in summer a reappear all season. If blue isn’t your color, you can choose a delphinium in a few other colors, too! Delphinium ‘Blue Bird’ Delphinium ‘Cobalt Dreams’ Delphinium ‘Galahad Premium’ Delphinium grandiflorum ‘Blue Butterfly’ Delphinium ‘Green Twist’ Delphinium ‘Guinevere’ Delphinium ‘Innocence’ Delphinium ‘King Arthur’ Delphinium ‘Kleine Nachtmusik’ Delphinium ‘La Boheme’ Delphinium … Because some varieties can grow up to 6 feet tall, plant these at the back of a garden border. For later flowers, try the annuals (Consolida or larkspur), which are less tall. Plants bear loose sprays of single electric-blue … Delphinium blue butterfly is a more compact variety, growing to a height of between 12 and 18 inches (30-45cm). This elegant plant also makes for great cut flowers in your home. Delphinium. Delphinium grandiflorum commonly called Chinese larkspur, is a loose, free-branching plant which typically grows 1-2' (infrequently to 3') tall and features loose racemes of gentian-blue (occasionally white) flowers. Delphinium are tall perennials with flowers along the length of their spiked stems. Delicate, stunning blue flowers bloom in summer that attract butterflies and bees. Noteworthy Characteristics. Although many gardeners grow delphinium as annuals, they are true perennials and will bloom for several years in your … Very different from the traditional tall spiky Delphiniums, this strain forms a low, bushy mound of lacy green leaves. These elegant plants add a strong vertical element. Learn How To Plant And Care for Your Delphiniums Previous Next Adding splendor and architectural height to borders, Delphiniums (Larkspurs) are elegant and stately perennials, biennials or annuals, which form incredibly eye-catching spikes of single or double flowers in early-mid summer and often rebloom in late summer or early fall . Renowned for their clear colours and commanding presence, delphiniums are possibly the ultimate early summer perennial and there are plenty of varieties to choose from. Electric blue flowers and no staking! They are one of the few flowers that comes in a shade of true blue. Most commonly grown for its beautiful, tall spires of blue blooms, delphinium has long been planted in perennial gardens.

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