But do not forget to install a heater inside the fish tank as the tetras are always affected by temperature fluctuations. How do Bloodfin Tetras behave while they are in a fish tank? Their body has green coloration while the fins are red. It is also important that you keep the temperature of the water in the tank at between 64 and 82 F degree. A mature female will become nicely rounded when she is full of eggs. Bloodfin Tetras are known to school with fishes if similar sizes. They love to swim together in groups as they are schooling fish species, and would usually nip at each other’s tail. In order to create a healthy breeding environment, Bloodfin tetras must have a stable pH range of between 6 and 8. Bloodfin Tetras are energetic in nature, and they require more space as well as food. Your decorations should come in the form of caves, coves, and castles to create hiding places for the fish. It’s a familiar sight to see them nib each other while swimming in groups. The males have a small hook on their anal fin. So, before introducing new fishes in the tank, make sure that they are properly quarantined for long so as to check they are disease free or not. When it comes to breeding, Bloodfins can spawn between 300 and 500 eggs at a time. Though you can nurture a single Bloodfin in a small tank when raised as a schooling community of between 5 and 7 fishes, you may require a minimum tank size of about 20 gallons. Place males and females in separate tanks where they can see each other. Bloodfin Tetras will comfortably share a tank with community fishes such as Danios, Rasboras, Catfish as well as less aggressive species like Barbs and Gourami. You need to contact a fish veterinarian for proper treatment. Cardinal tetra and other smaller tetras have also been found to school together with Bloodfin tetras. Experts suggest that you replace at least 15% of the water in the tank on a daily basis, to reduce the risks of parasitic diseases. You will see them nibbling the tails of other tank mates who are slow movers. In fact, combining plants and other fishes eats can be the best combination. It also helps the fish to adjust to the tank temperature. •    As the cyst spreads, the body starts developing a lump. Since bloodfin tetras tend to stay in the mid-tank and bottom area, they should be able to keep their distances from the Betta. It is important that you allow some moderate space for the movement of Bloodfin tetras in their tank. Cascade 1000 Canister Filter Review – Inlandaquatics, Best 11 Filters for Turtle Tanks 2020 – Expert Reviews. What will you do to make the fish breed successfully? You will find some really useful tips and information on this blog about Freshwater Aquariums. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dIGSvXcF24. Bloodfin fish prefers a habitat with floating plants such as water lettuce, but you need to ensure that the floating plant does not block light source completely inside the tank. Bloodfin tetras are hardy fish, and they hardly fall ill when they are fed properly and their living conditions are well-optimized. Bloodfin Tetras are quite hardy fish. Sometimes, fishes tend to die due to overfeeding. If you include decorations in your fish tank, you’re sure to make a better place for the fishes. The Bloodfin is a native of the Parana basin in South America, and it grows up to 5.5 cm. Most tetras may not survive unless they are kept in school because being kept alone can create too much stress for them. Also, always prefer selecting a school of equal-minded tetras otherwise they might nibble the slower ones. And, in case you want to keep tank-mates, then keep either shrimp or crabs which always remain in the lower strata of the tank. Keep the fries separately; else the parent fish might end up gulping their own fries. They also come in varying colors and their colors can fade when water conditions are unfavorable. Make use of the cheap filter floss or necessary scrubber to clean the walls. Bloodfin tetras are quite fastidious; plus proteinous and fatty foods are really beneficial for their growth and development. Bottom Plants:  Being a hobbyist, you must look for broad leaved aqua plants as these are suitable for Bloodfin Tetra, especially when they want to lay eggs. To keep your aquarium at the right temperature, you should add nature water heaters such as Java moss which is known to produce an environment similar to the Latin American River Basins where Bloodfin Tetras are found in their natural habitat. If these fishes do not breed, your cost will definitely increase as some fishes die due to the slightest negligence. As a caregiver, you must understand one thing clearly and that is the stomach of a fish is as tiny as a pinhead. We recommend setting up a separate breeding tank. They get easy going with community mates when kept in larger tanks. You may find them in stores, both physical and online. They would be stressed and won’t swim with total peace. Most Tetras are schooling fishes and they tend to swim in groups though they will only school with their own species. In fact, they like running to safe shelters when other fish chases them. Any rotten floating plant must be removed as soon as it is discovered. Offer high quality dry or frozen foods, or live foods like bloodworms and daphnia, 3 times a day. But, still, make sure that whatever food you give, they should consume it within 2-3minutes. The Bloodfin Tetras are egg layers, and they love privacy during breeding. Inlandaquatics.com only provides general information and does not intend to provide veterinary advice. It has also been observed that brightly colored foods are attracted to bloodfins. As a matter of fact, most tetras have teeth and they derived their names from the special shape of their teeth. Try as much as possible to vacuum the gravel in the water tank and replace faulty filter cartridges, inserts, floss and carbon components. Similarly, while feeding, the dominant one normally chases the weaker fishes. The answer is yes. If you can create a congenial environment and successfully make them breed, they will no doubt grow in numbers in the same tank thereby lessening your buying cost. The group movement of these fishes can confuse their predators thus making it harder for such predators to kill an individual fish. Although both the body and fins have a silver color, the fin variants namely caudal, dorsal, adipose and anal types are generally red in color. Besides, you should observe that the plants are not degrading the health of the fishes; in that case, remove the weeds and ensure good health for the fish. You might notice her jumping out of the water. Condition the fish prior to breeding. Always make use of your aquarium setup guide because one aquarium may be different from another in terms of usage and maintenance.

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