UAD SSL 4000 G … The studio engineers from London’s Townhouse Studios built a unique buss compressor in 1978 using Solid State Logic (SSL) components. The MPressor is more of a drum-buss comp. The easiest way to achieve parallel compression is to use a compressor with a “built-in” mix control to dial in the amount of compression. kikedrum: Charter Oak, is the best compressor ! The best deal is that this audio compressor is the best option for learning the ropes best stereo compressor. B: Nobody thought Focusrite Red should be up there? 30.03.13 08.42 PM. Begin with a 2:1 ratio, but even lower ratios can still be very effective. This audio compressor can run two channels at one time. Brainworx - bx_townhouse (Best Drum Compressor) - $299. Report. Beyond that, there is the Mix control that caters for inline Dry/Wet processing ideal fast parallel compression either on a drum or vocal bus. 15.03.13 06.05 PM. The Alpha has the best fast attack, completely unachievable in software. Compare Prices. UAD SSL 4000 G Bus Compressor WATCH THE DEMO. Report. Report. Any “air” noises are undesirable as well. Brainworx has modeled this … To get a forward-sounding drum track, again make a copy of your drum buss and put a compressor on the parallel copy. An outstanding achievement and the best mastering compressor for electronic dance I’ve ever heard. The exciting thing about this unit is that it wasn’t part of a mixing desk. Set the release to be slow enough so that the room noise isn’t brought up. The aforementioned funk part might benefit from the speed of a drum compressor to catch its transients, for instance, while the Emo landslide might need some of the 1176's tonal definition to make it bite. Although it is the best option but it is not compatible for the bass instruments as it has a low frequency if 35 Hz. Above all, it makes available presets from accomplished artists to add to your creative potential. At the time, external console buss compressors weren’t something available for purchase.

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