Answers should be aimed at helping the OP and other readers reach an understanding of the issues at hand. Walter Sinnott-Armstrong and Ram Neta have a good (and free) online course called Think Again on Coursera. Log In Sign Up. Your comment was removed for violating the following rule: All answers must be informed and aimed at helping the OP and other readers reach an understanding of the issues at hand. You get to keep your audiobooks even if you cancel. If you have a mathematical background at all, the Enderton is good (and a classic!). Schopenhauer wrote a wonderful piece on fallacies. If you want something mathier, Bell and Machover’s Mathematical Logic is also fantastic, and I also like Rautenberg’s book. hide. But it seems to me that most of them are about symbolic logic, baby logic or modal logic. Top 10 Best Books On Logic Our Picks 2020. 87. If you are looking for books on logic than you have come to the right place. save. Is the book Simple Formal Logic: With Common-Sense Symbolic Techniques? Reason and argument by Richard Feldman was my undergrad set text for introduction to logic, and it was really good. It was the book that the professor I tutored for used and the students were most confused by these sections. I would agree that if OP were looking for an introduction to metalogic, Enderton is a powerful source. It seems to me to be accessible in its langague Abd layout and philosophically interesting in the sort of examples it frequently makes use of. 1 month ago. Instead, contact the moderators with questions or comments. Evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne makes a case for the incompatibility of religion and science. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. 1. It's both a software package and textbook. I found Larry Wright's "Critical Thinking" to be especially helpful with informal reasoning and understanding+spotting fallacies. When Elon Musk, one of the busiest men on the earth was asked about his secret of success, he replied, I used to read books A LOT! They fit together pretty well and both use tree style deduction. card. I’m not sure if it’s available outside of the school on a large scale but you may be able to find something via Google. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I am a bot. Hot New Top. My personal favorite: Language, Proof and Logic, 2nd Edition by David Barker-Plummer, Jon Barwise and John Etchemendy. Best book for improving Logic Games? Thanks a lot! (i) Basic VLSI Design (ii) CMOS VLSI Design: A Circuits and Systems Perspective (iii) VLSI Design – by K. Lal Kishore (iv) Introduction to VLSI Circuits and Systems Rising. 147. pinned by moderators. Press J to jump to the feed. “Digital Logic and Computer Design” by M.Morris Mano 2. There seems to be a lot of expensive books on logic design but it is unclear which ones are good. Hot New Top Rising. Please bear in mind our commenting rules: All answers should display familiarity with the academic philosophical literature. Best Books on Game Theory: Our Top Picks As with any other subject, more-than-countable books have been written on game theory. 42 comments. 4 years ago. Best books about logic? How hard to read are books like On The Philosophy of Logic by Fisher, and Thinking About Logic by Read? hardware logic cpu. 96% Upvoted. I have several of the books from the series myself. Here are my top 20 books that will change your life. This advanced book covers many topics like working on a circuit, oscilloscope diagrams, graphs with accurate data when you deal with an interesting project. “Digital Circuits and Logic Design” by Lee S.C 3. One of my professors, Arnold vander Nat, has a pretty easy and straight-forward introductory textbook on formal logic. share | improve this question | follow | asked Mar 16 '10 at 14:17. mudge mudge. The novel previews of the book connect a section’s content to real-life scenarios. /r/askphilosophy aims to provide serious, well-researched answers to philosophical questions. For modal logic past priest check out Chagrov and Zakharyaschev’s book, but that is a long way away. Hot. Read the Top 21 Philosophy Books of All Time! These are the 10 Best VLSI Design Books which we would like to recommend you to learn everything about Very Large Scale Integration design. The focus is on how to use them in your own rhetoric, but if you want to know what kinds of fallacies tehre are, it's pretty great:, "Introduction to Logic" by Copi and Cohen. You can listen online or offline. It's good and the software also lets you play around with things until you get the hang of it. I'm interested in critical thinking, skepticism (not philosophical), deductive reasoning (inductive and abductive too), constructing valid syllogisms, spotting fallacies and the like... Could anyone suggest some good books or resources? Besides formal logic suggestions in other comments, I think Dan Dennett's Intuition Pumps is a wonderful resource covering a lot of what you ask for here, but Carl Hempel's Philosophy of Natural Science touches a lot of what you seem to be interested in. Most people seemed to be recommending books on formal deductive logic. I do still crack my copy out from time to time though. What do people here think of Gensler's introduction? Here's a recommendation that might better fit what you're looking for. These recommendations fit some of your request, but they seem narrower in focus than what you're looking for. But thanks regardless, I'll keep looking! I've seen several of the snippets posted in this forum and I often see objects and parameters being used that I didn't even know existed. And a good companion to the Hurley Text is this youtube playlist going through the book, by Mark Thorsby. This is a shared account that is only used for notifications. It covers basic deductive arguments, inductive arguments, inference to the best explanation, fallacies, etc. Including quick summaries for beginners of modern philosophy books, eastern philosophy, western philosophy and more. Answers should be reasonably substantive. share. But since there’s certainly no way you can lay your hands on every book on the subject, you have to go with only one of few of the best options available. And I would like to know what is the most famous book in this area. Depends a bit what level you are at, and if you have any math background. It is a lucid, focused, and accessible presentation of the basic subject matter of logic, both formal and informal. r/Logic_301: The #1 source of everything Logic! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Aesthetics, German Idealism, Critical Theory.

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