Laila's Petal can be exchanged for a Fairy’s Blessing from Fairy Queen Theiah or Ceilyn. It floated out of the unstable crevice and contains the aura of Fairy Laila. This is the best Ive found so far G305 3200dpi 1000hz Xim 500hz 0217 beta firware Evolve ST Slow sync Hip: 0.4 X/Y: 0.5 Smoothing: 2 Boost: 1600 ADS translator (and … Additionally, if you give your fairy certain gear items, Black Spirit’s Claw, Sweet Honey Wine, or Ornette’s Dark Honey Wine, you can make the fairy grow. Magic Tools: Requires Gathering Skilled 5-11 Seconds to Gathering. Magic gathering tools give the best gathering speed and durability out of all the non-Life Mastery tools. Air gliding after double jump. Fruit of Abundance can be obtained from gathering/farming sunflowers, strawberry, grape and onion. If you get two of these and bring them to Fairy Queen Theiah you will get Sealed Fairy Wings, which contains a Fairy within. Magic tools are the best option, until you reach 600 Gathering Mastery. Otherwise try your luck gathering from sunflowers in Northern Wheat Plantation or grapes from Olvia. Laila's Petal x10 → Fairy’s Blessing x1; Ceilyn is located to the right of Herawen in Kamasylve Temple. After that use a Loggia/Life Mastery tool. These rare horses have the best horse skills and stats. It is definetly one of the more unique and fun lifeskills but has been somewhat mediocre in terms of money making until the mastery update. She asked you to bring Laila's Petals back to her if you find them.※ To obtain Laila's Petal, place a Special Honey Jar at unstable crevices found outside the Kamasylve Temple area. Fastest T9. Additionally, for characters created before November 2018, you must have completed the Black Spirit Quest [Boss] Witch-Hunting.For characters created after November 2018, you must have completed the current Main Quest for Calpheon, of which the final quest is Looking for Adventurers. In order to begin your adventure to find Laila, you must be level 53. T9 horses can be purchased for about 12 billion silver on the Horse Market. Creating one of these beautiful horses yourself will take real persistance and a dash of luck. (Laila’s Petal can be obtained by defeating monsters, Gathering, and Fishing.) Kamasylvia Peridot Dailies 178 Peridot Leaf in 80 minutes 178 Peridot leaves yields 25 Deep Blue Hoof Roots. - Usage: Exchange for Sealed Fairy Wings through quest [Repeat] Mysterious Companion. T9 Dream Horses: Arduanatt: Best T9 for mobility, excluding desert. The first way, which is usually the best to use until you get a T3 fairy is to do … You obtain them by exchanging Imperial Seals. If you have been farming sunflowers you should have a ton of these. Hunting is an active lifeskill which involves killing certain animals by shooting them with a gun. Getting a Better Fairy Companion in BDO. According to the Fairy Queen, there should be more Fairies whose petals are fragmented like this. BDO Fairy skills, effects/fairy type “The number of skills Laila can learn depends on her innate potential. There are 5 levels in fairy skills, and you cannot raise or lower the level once you learn the skill. How to Obtain. If you’re not happy with your current fairy you can try to get another of a higher tier. There are two ways to get a higher tiered fairy.

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