Bill gives some seasonal suggestions, month-by-month, of the different seafood you can try on your grill. I started by preparing the Sea Bream. It has an amazing delicate flavour, and done on the BBQ it is absolutely fabulous. Crispy Chicken, Bacon and Avocado Sandwich, 1 Tsp Greek Oregano (you can use 'normal' Oregano). Bill’s article certainly gave me the inspiration to cook fish again and it is something I really need to do more often. This is the Greek-inpired bit, with the ingredients for the fish including Olive Oil, White Wine Vinegar, Greek Oregano, Lemon and Garlic. If you need a new recipe to enter your archive, this may be the perfect fit for you! Place the onto a very hot barbecue and cook for 5–6 minutes on each side. Turn the lettuce occasionally so you get a nice char but avoid burning. On this occasion I served the Sea Bream with some grilled Gem Lettuce, home-made Tzatziki and some Pomegranate Seeds. Remove and plate up. In the meantime I started to prep the BBQ. One think I really like about the Infared-system on the Char-broil is that you can put wood chips directly onto the grate to produce additional smoke for added flavour. With the Char-Broil being up-to temp, I started to cook the Sea Bream on the indirect side of the BBQ, turning after 8 minutes. I loved the greek inspired flavours on the fish and this is another recipe that will get repeated. Nestle the log in the medium-hot coals of barbecue, shut the lid and leave it for 10-12 minutes. Sea bream offers so many health benefits and tastes delicious. Make sure you rub it into the cavity and the slits made on both sides. I wasn’t sure what fish I was going to cook, but I wanted to do something with a Greek influence. Our recipe for sea bream with a fiery chilli and punchy lemongrass marinade, makes for a great summer BBQ. Remove from the heat, cover with a lid or cling film and leave to cool and infuse on the worktop overnight. Easy . Brush each fillet with a dash of olive oil, and generously apply the spices on the skin. Take a couple of salmon fillets, add a little sea salt and a pinch of barbecue seasoning, then place them on a birch log rubbed with a little olive oil to stop it sticking. Alternatively, place directly onto the barbecue (a clean barbecue will help to stop the fish from sticking) 3 Cook the fish for 6-7 minutes on each side, the fish is cooked when the flesh comes easily away from the bone Eric Chavot’s cuisine has been championed by fellow chefs, diners and critics alike – not bad for a chef who arrived in London without a word of English and just twenty pounds in his pocket. (#Ref 5). Top with the coriander cress. The Sea Bream came out great and tasted really fresh. That Infared-system is really quite impressive! Remove the fish, plate up and serve. Alternatively, you could cook the fish under a very hot grill for the same amount of time, Place the fennel, spring onions, green pepper, green chilli and sugar snaps in iced water for 5 minutes. I got them to gut it for me and also take the scales off. Using a sharp knife, score the bream on the diagonal three or four times on each side through the skin, about ½cm into the flesh. As a late decision, I decided to used the Char-Broil Professional 4600S to cook this dish. As always, I started by getting the temperature of the BBQ to 180°C by putting both burners on. Love2BBQ – a UK BBQ blog dedicated to all things BBQ. Transfer to a dish large enough to hold the fish and liberally cover with the marinade. Keep the sea bream refrigerated until needed, Remove the fish from the fridge about 10–15 minutes before cooking. Grilled sea bream with rosemary is a favorite for my family. Season to taste. Using a whisk, gently fold in the mayonnaise, sour cream and 60g of the pickling syrup you made earlier. This is the Greek-inpired bit, with the ingredients for the fish including Olive Oil, White Wine Vinegar, Greek Oregano, Lemon and Garlic. Cool and keep in a small jar in the fridge, To make the ranch dressing, blitz all of the spices and seasonings in a blender with the buttermilk. Place to one side for 30 minutes. Mix together the Olive Oil, White Wine Vinegar, Oregano, Lemon Rind, Lemon Juice and Garlic in a bowl. Required fields are marked *. Black pudding and scallop skewers with samphire and pink grapefruit, Grilled scallops with oyster sauce and sesame, BBQ grilled fish with homemade chilli and lime dip, To make the lemon dressing, firstly warm the olive oil over a low heat in a small saucepan. Garlic Grater Plate. Drain and gently spin dry in a salad spinner. I decided to spoon some home-made Tzatziki over the lettuce and sprinle some Pomegranate Seeds over the whole dish. The ideal fare for an impressive Sunday barbecue. When the temp was at 180°C I placed some cherry wood chips from the Smokewood Shack. Keep refrigerated for up to 1 month, To prepare the bream, combine all of the spices in a small bowl. Cook for around 8 minutes and then turn over the Sea Bream and cook for another 7 minutes. The next day, pass the oil through a fine sieve and add the lemon oil, vinegars, water and seasoning, To make the pickling syrup, bring the vinegar and sugar to a gentle boil in a stainless steel saucepan. Every time I cook seafood on the BBQ I ask myself why I don’t do it more often. Whilst the fish is marinating, light your BBQ and get the temperature up to around 180°C. Try razor clams. 10 ratings 4.6 out of 5 star rating. A UK BBQ Blog, with recipes, reviews and useful hints and tips on BBQ and cooking outdoors. Aiming to inspire more people to cook outdoors all year round. Fish with chilli, mango & lime salsa. I have taken scales off myself before, but I was finding them all over the kitchen days later, so i would recommend you getting your fishmonger to do all the hard work.

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