The Moorhen offers a great opportunity to watch breeding bird behaviour: in the spring, the male swims towards the female with its bill in the water and the two birds eventually nibble at each other's feathers; both birds then build the nest out of twigs in emergent vegetation and defend it with ferocity. Moorhen inhabits marshes and areas near the streams and ponds. In most places, the moorhen is a popular prey item for a variety of predators. Young Moorhen Gallinus Chlorophus in duck weed. A young baby moorhen. Young Moorhen on the water - France. The Chicks just know to refuse … A young baby moorhen. Moorhen is type of waterfowl that belongs to the rail family. Family Rallidae. They are not as good at it as their parents, and offer things like corn grains by mistake. There are around 10 species of moorhen that can be found all over the world except in the extremely cold (polar) and warm (tropical) areas. Moorhen are very unusual in having the offspring of a previous brood help in raising the next. The Indo-Pacific moorhen is also considered endangered, most likely because the local people hunt this bird for food. Some of the animals that prey on moorhens are foxes, coyotes, raccoons, dingos, and dogs. Here we have a juvenile feeding the next generation.

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