This take me to another world. Must check below campaign created by world’s leading Augmented reality company, 3rockAR. Augmented reality, or AR, has become one of the hottest new advertising trends. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The market conditions are highly competitive, and manufacturers and retailers must seize every advantage they can to capture the customer’s dollar. Under the expert leadership of CEO Yariv Levski, AppReal-VR has won and kept happy clients in fashion, gaming, and of course, marketing. Tags: Augmented reality adsAugmented Reality AdvertisementAugmented Reality Advertising. Also, you must be familiar with various applications of Augmented Reality in areas like education and marketing. AMC’s app is a great update to the time-honored, if stale, tradition of wandering around a theater lobby looking at posters while waiting to enter the screening room. For example, in shopping centers, consumers will be able to perceive things in a 3D environment. In fact, utilizing Augmented reality campaigns they make their brand/product name unforgettable for people. Posters, always an attention-getter, can now do much more than simply advertise the existence of a movie. Also, to keep updated about Augmented reality, don’t forget to subscribe to my website. In the comment section, let me know what you have liked the most? During the launch of Pepsi Max, a sugar-free cola, Pepsi has done an Augmented Reality advertising campaign, named “Unbelievable Bus Shelter“. In early 2012, the “Everylove on Every Cup” campaign turned every Starbucks cup into a Valentine’s Day card. They were one of the first to adopt online tracking and shipment creation, and have kept their website and other online features on par with competitors in the private sector like FedEx and UPS. Augmented Reality marketing uses – ModifaceSource: #AugmentedRealityAdvertising Campaigns Make Your Eyes Amazed from Beginning till End Click To Tweet. Are you willing to experience the same? Do check below YouTube video to know the effectiveness of this Augmented reality ad campaign. It’s a very simple concept, but Augment’s execution is flawless. Good update on augmented reality!! Pepsi allowed users to access an AR virtual window alongside the bus station’s wall. The campaign was organized in Poland. Just imagine that you are waiting for a bus. More means & opportunities to advertise products. Of course, the app also allows customers to easily buy tickets for the film. Sayduck Furniture Visualizer. While you can find numerous Augmented reality campaigns, I have listed out, 5 really innovative Augmented reality advertising examples, 5 of the best Augmented Reality Advertising campaigns, Also, companies invest a huge amount of money for their advertisement and related campaigns. The spokesman also mentioned how this changes the playing field for the organization, as it doesn’t require an additional app or a clunky headset to view these 3D models. With augmented reality, the advertising world will explore unimaginable opportunities. Last week, I had discussed about the difference between AR vs VR. At the end of 2014, the organization launched their take on augmented reality marketing. Clients create custom “trackers”, which are printed or on-screen icons, that are then scanned with a white labeled app to trigger a video or a 3D model overlaid on the real world. Companies who have not yet come onboard with this trend may still be struggling to find the right application. These Best Augmented Reality Advertising Campaigns by World's Most Admired Companies Will Make Your Eyes Amazed From Beginning to Till End. The store has equipped itself with Augmented reality  devices. Anyone who has ever stood in the cosmetics aisle and gazed … Today, Buenos Aires is on its way to becoming a zero waste city. IKEA Place and Shopify: Using AR to drive product sales. Thus, unlike physical changing room, here you can try a number of clothes and accessories within minutes. Feeling: Augrealitypedia, Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality (AR vs VR)- 5 Realistic Comparison of The Two Future Technologies You Must be Aware of in This Digital Era | Augrealitypedia, #AugmentedRealityAdvertising Campaigns Make Your Eyes Amazed from Beginning till End, 6 Ways Augmented Reality is Disrupting The Sports Industry, 6 of The Must-have Augmented Reality Apps For Education on Android/ iPhone That Can Redefine Your Mobile as A Highly Effective Learning Hand-Held Device: Augrealitypedia, Augmented Reality In Tourism – 5 Reasons To Utilize It To The Fullest During Your Next Journey For An Indelible Travel Experience: Augrealitypedia, 7 Best Augmented reality Apps for Android / iPhone: Augrealitypedia,, is also doing similar stuff…. Augmented reality can help you with that, and I have plenty of examples to prove the same in the blink of an eye. In an augmented reality campaign sponsored by the city government, attendees to a concert were treated to an AR game in which they had to catch falling trash in a recycling bin. Yes! And, this really helps them to literally infuse their brand-name easily into the users mind. Uber has really shocked some of their riders by adding virtual adventures at Zurich main station. The monetization scheme of the app, in which users could buy lures to attract Pokemon to specific regions, was a boon for local businesses. Yes! One of the most popular tools used in AR … Your email address will not be published. The park takes in over 2 billion dollars annually, and it’s no surprise that the park loves to use AR and other cutting-edge technologies in their attractions. Max Reality – AR and Weather ForcastsSource: Furthermore, applications like, And, you can just scan the advertisement through your smart-phone to get the amazing Augmented reality advertisement pop-up on your device. Wow ! Learn About Definition, Evolution, Types and Scope of This New Technology AR in Digital Marketing, 5 Best Augmented Reality Advertising Campaigns (image credit: sndrv). Jamba Juice takes the trend even further, giving players 10% off a purchase if they show their game to the cashier. The technology is old enough and appeared interest only after the Pokemon GO and Google glace. The latte wizards at Starbucks have been leveraging technology in the pursuit of the perfect cup for years. Max Reality uses AR to seamlessly integrate 3D imagery into televised weather news, bringing animated rain clouds, snowstorms, and even traffic maps and humidity graphs into the space formerly occupied only by a weather man or woman. Very nice article. Your email address will not be published. There will be seamless options available to advertise your … Unlike traditional hyperlocal ads that, for example, tell customers about establishments such as cafes and outlets, AR hyperlocal ads are truly immersive as they … Yes! Going one step ahead, a Nike store in Paris has utilized Augmented reality in more innovative ways. Using AR, Modiface lets buyers “try before they buy”, simulating a full application of makeup or months of skin care in the space of a moment. It’s great that augmented reality develops. Suddenly, you notice that one tiger is approaching towards you from the window. Visitors used a dedicated Starbucks AR app to scan their cups and watch the design come to life, spreading wishes of love and the opportunity to purchase Starbucks gift cards. Timberland Augmented reality advertising campaign is an another creative use of AR in the advertisement. Yes! Here, you can have a feeling of “how it would look afterwards” for any cloth or accessories before you actually buy it. Glad to know that brands like Uber, Pepsi, Nike have come up with such innovative advertisement ideas. They run the gamut from the splashy to the practical, and they each make excellent use of AR to get their point across. To grow healthy, it deserves attention from each one of us. Do check below YouTube video to see this amazing example of Augmented reality advertisement. The Simmons Bedding Company, the company behind the popular Comforpedic and Beautyrest orthopedic mattresses, has successfully leveraged AR to help educate potential buyers on the selling points of their products. In summary, I can say that Augmented reality has opened up an innovative way for companies to represent themselves. Required fields are marked *. As any marketing professional knows, it’s not always about profit. One of the most popular tools used in AR marketing is the prosaically named Augment. There are many reasons for that, as clearly laid out by Digi-Capital analyst Tim Merel in his great video. Many brands have adopted augmented reality in their advertising campaigns. Companies are creating augmented reality exercise apps that combine competition and gaming elements to promote healthy habits and lifestyles. In an interview with EMarketer, The Weather Channel’s Bill Dow brainstormed ideas for direct product placement in this new type of weather segment. This is augmented reality marketing at its most impressive, the sort of experience that can only be achieved at a destination. 15 Cool Augmented Reality Advertising Campaigns. The United States Postal Service is a surprisingly tech-savvy organization.

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