Wenn man mit via1x LFE eingeschleiftem Antimode (Korrektur aktiv), an dem meine beiden Subs im "Dual Mono"-Betrieb hängen, nochmal über über den AVR und Audyssey einmisst, meint dieses allerdings auch noch etwas verbessern zu können bzw. Run the full Audyssey calibration 13. Look to see where Audyssey has set your sub trim, you want it to be around -5db to -8db ideally 10. My receiver only allows a distance input for a single subwoofer. One is a little closer to the main listening position than the other (13 feet and 10 feet). Adjust the gain on both subs by the same amount up or down as needed 11. So I've got a Denon S700W and dual subwoofers located at the front and back midwalls. Audyssey MultEQ ® XT32 uses the measurements from this position to calculate speaker distance, level, polarity, and the optimum crossover value for the subwoofer. I tried to setup Audyssey using two subwoofer outputs of my AVP-A1HDCI where I grouped the front subs as "Sub1" and the side/back subs as "Sub2". My Cowshed Cinema build thread (hosted in the UK) The Audyssey FAQ: The 88 Most Frequently-Asked Audyssey Questions The Audyssey '101' - AVS's Most Comprehensive Step-By-Step Audyssey Setup Guide A Step-By-Step Guide To Setting Up Dual miniDSP DDRC-88A Units and Dirac Live for Atmos Setups. The following procedure was used to calibrate Hsu ULS-15 Dual-Drive subwoofers using a Denon 4308CI AVR with Audyssey MultEqXt room equalization. ohne Sub Einmessen). Dies gelingt aber nur zum Teil. How does Audyssey handle complex multiple subwoofer setups? 8. This is accomplished via proper placement and set-up of multiple subwoofers resulting in standing wave reduction through destructive interference. Run Audyssey, first mic position only, and "calculate" 9. Try simply setting it by ear with a mixture of movies and music and you may be surprised! It is assumed the reader is knowledgeable on how to properly use an FFT or RTA analyzer to properly measure system response. Repeat 8-10 until you get the sub trim around -5db to -8db 12. Make sure that the distance from each sub to the primary listening spot is exactly the … Install/Placement. This made the most sense since the subs that made up "Sub1" were equidistant from the listening area and the subs that represented "Sub2" were equidistant from the listening area. zu müssen. How to set up dual subwoofers with Audyssey (bronze)? kbarnes701 is … The Audyssey had the sub set 15dB quieter than I have it set at! Step 1: Subwoofer placement. Since subwoofer configuration generates a lot of different opinions, feedback regarding this procedure would be appreciated. Bei Denon AVRs kann man das Audyssey aber nicht abgewöhnen (z.B. On the Audyssey Pro on the 80.1, it only seems to check each channel independently (like the Integra 9.9) and seems to set everything including BOTH sub channels to 75dB which does result in a significant amount of bass (not that I mind too much :)). Should I take the average of the two distances?

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