I can't say I have a mic in my locker that has a response curve like the WA87. Out of the 3, the 414 is my fav in Omni, but I haven't tried the current XLII or XLS, I can only vouch for the 414, 414E, EB, B-ULS and TL(-II). I think that 5K bump on the WA87 is purposeful (and according to what I've studied) emulates the response curve of that particular Neumann. I am interested in the AT4050 for the multi-pattern ability. It's cardioid only, and like the AT4050, it has switches for … I took the files into my studio and listened. I have the 4050 and 4047. My at4050 for your at4047? C414s vary quite a bit model to model. Having said that, I was very impressed by the shootout recording of the WA-87, and preferred it slightly over the 4050 for that voice. But I wouldn't mind having an AT4050 on hand. Rather than base our WA-87 circuit on current incarnations of this mic, we decided to closely follow the early circuit designs that date back nearly half a century. The Neumann is completely beyond my reach, but the AT4050 is attainable. The 414 is a great instrument mic...bright and picks up more room sound. I wanted to see how some of their microphones compared to their vintage counterparts. To me, the AT4050 isn't the kind of mic you fall in love with-but more a really good, versatile workhorse. I use it as a kick drum out mic, which it's just OK at. I owned two U87s and one AT4050. In this case I happen to like what the WA87 is doing more. The folks at A-T sent one for review, and I have to say, I loved it from the get go. When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. You need an amplifier module - the CMC-6 is the standard pencil-type one. Warm Audio is a gear manufacturer that strives to emulate the sound quality of vintage high-end gear, but with a much smaller price tag. I like it most as a room omni pair or as drum overheads. I have a lot of experience with the AT mics, and just got the WA87 a few days ago. Kind of like how the '57 and sm7 are similar. I find nothing really needs to be added or subtracted on the top. If you're room is good enough to go Omni, get an Earthworks QTC-40. The 4047 has a subdued mid high compared to the 4050 which is flat sounding compared to it (but not boring flat but very nice present flat). Trade? Small diaphragm I still use Sennheiser MKH without question. The U87 and the AT4050 are very similar mics. The Warm mic is a bit more present or you could say the AT is a bit warmer. I owned two U87s and one AT4050. Michael Joly's MJE Hulk 990 is a better all rounder than any of your choices, and dirt cheap, yet no compromise is quality, at least compared to your stated options. I would say sibilant. We wanted to see how some of their microphones compared to their vintage counterparts and so we tested four microphones and now we can we can announce the results Overall, haven't really found a position for it where I liked it better than something else I had already, except kick out, which I'm hoping to replace w/ something that sounds more like a Fet47. I don't own the AT4050 but I think it's a pro mic and anyone can get pro results from it. AT4050 vs AT4050 CM5 ??? I like the old ones (COMB, EB, B-ULS). I've owned both the U87ai and the AKG, but also used the AT4050. The AT4040, on the other hand, is a real seductress. I would like to try omni pattern mics to see what they sound like. Yes, similar in a way that both are microphones, yawn, but U87 and AT4050 are not showing resemblance in tonal characteristics. They perform well on the same sources, the 87 just does everything better and smoother, with a better off axis response. The Neumann has an odd off axis response in Omni, useable I guess, but nowhere near the performance of a good SD Omni. I just did a quick shootout between the 2. I may have to look into that mic. The nice presence is the plus for me on the WA87- no issues with sibilance but great clarity. That's getting right to the point. When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. The AT4050 was initially released in the mid-1990s, as the first multipattern condenser in Audio-Technica’s groundbreaking 40 Series. Released in 2016, it was the manufacturer’s first microphone. Of course YMMV. Warm Audio now says that they’ve learned “a bunch more” about microphones since the WA-87 … I think both mics are good. Sold it the first time after about a year with it. Either would be a brilliant addition to any studio and give you the unmatchable naturalness and spatial feel of a good omni. Put the STAM SA-87 on your thought list as well. The better your room, the better it'll sound. If you need what an omni can do, then nothing beats a single diaphragm pure pressure transducer, yes. Yep. You might add the Shure KSM44 to the list also, just for four corners. I wanted to add "trimming away at the bottom" was in reference to vocals. Warm Audio’s WA-87 is one of the most popular inexpensive alternatives to a real U87. How is the AT4047 different than the AT4050? It works on more sources and sounds like a record. Only sold the AT4050 because it was so similar to the U87 and clients always went for the Neumann name. Be aware, though, that there are a few multi-pattern SDCs, which can give good results in both cardioid and omni and maybe do a lot of what you'd be able to with an LDC. Some time later I started thinking I made a mistake so I bought it again. With a strategically placed sound absorber, I dig an 87 in omni for vocals even in my smallish room, though lately I've been getting into figure 8 of all things. The membrane is made of 2-micron material and has an active diameter of 21.4mm. Either one is good and acceptable. Hey all; Might be coming into some money. Hence the added presence. U87 is effectively the opposite of AKG sound, more focussed on midrange with pronounced presence in highmids. I kinda like it on bass cabs paired w/an M88. Oh ok so nothing beats a SDC omni mic then? I strongly suggest getting a proper Omni. For stereo and certain vocals I like the 4050. If you are on a budget and want that sound I would definitely opt for the AT4050. WOw, cool thread. I really love the 4050. For what you describe the Neumann would be a better fit. The classic ‘87 is arguably the most widely-used large diaphragm condenser microphone in popular recording history. I agree that 414s capture a lot of room character, which didn't work for me in the end. I'm finding after using it more that it requires very little eq. I prefer it to all of them. I'll also add that I've recorded vocals with the 4050 through a UA Solo 610 and thought they paired rather nicely. While I do find them to be similiar sounding, I think the U87 is a little warmer in the lowmids, maybe due to the transformer. This is a good review of the Blueberry mic. Just a friendly reminder that political discussion, (including "offhand" and 'sideways' commenting) is. With the u87 being the sm7. I've used the modern U87 and the 4050. The AT is not bad but I still prefer the 414 B-ULS. The AT4050 is fully featured, offering three selectable polar patterns (cardioid, figure-8, and omnidirectional), an 80Hz highpass filter to remove low-frequency rumble, and a -10dB pad for recording loud instruments. Thanks for posting that. Only sold the AT4050 because it was so similar to the U87 and clients always went for the Neumann name. It's great on many things. In other words, it naturally complements other sounds in the mix. I have multiple 40 Series AT mics. For me, mostly some trimming away at the bottom. The 4047 I haven't been impressed with. I keep reading that omni gives a more balanced sound on acoustic instruments, especially in the low end as there is no proximity effect. I own all three with the 414 being the comb model and the 87 being an iA. Some vocalists it works great for as well. I'm hearing pretty much the same from my WA87. Thanks for the input. I am curious about all these mics and have owned none of them. LD dual diaphragm capsules in Omni have poor consistency off axis. They even have similar rejection qualities. My first choice for cello. Complementary mics. Regarding the 4050 vs the 4047, my personal opinion is the 4050 is the superior mic.

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