thats big. per turn and saps. Empty the Pits Also, to hear someone say that having a bunch of weenies that are flying 1st strike vigilance haste trample pro black and red isn't that great...that's a bit crazy. if you put in Spark Double as well, you can copy Nissa with it, instantly use the -6 for card draw, and then use the original nissa for recursion. Help | I went and started a Commander/EDH blog! Cards: 101: Avg. And Epic Struggle will probably add it to the deck as soon i figure out what to take out, thank you for your suggestions! -1 Irencrag Pyromancer... only good if u can consistently draw-on-demand.Mi, -1 As Foretold... slow! Discord Server | Akroma's Memorial And Omnath of the Roil is just good in general for this decks theme, giving you card draw if you have enough land. Commander (EDH) forum Posted on July 3, 2020, 5:44 p.m. by DemonDragonJ I have a copy of Akroma's Memorial in every one of my EDH decks, because I feel that it a great card for that format, given its high mana cost, the fact that it is colorless, and the fact that all of my decks tend to have many creatures, but I would like to know the opinions of other users here on that subject. out during opponents turns. Early on, they act as additional land drops because they tap for two and bounce a land to your hand, and later on, you can play them, and bounce themselves back to your hand for multiplay landfall triggers, even if you're out of lands to play otherwise. Browse through cards from Magic's entire history. If you pay 10GG on it (12 mana total), you can drop pretty … No mercy. Are you gonna tell me that you run an artifact deck with all creatures being mana cost 6 or less? carpecanum i don't think Runes of the Deus will be as good Domri Rade can get you that with the emblem, and 5 cmc is kinda high and 7 cmc of Akroma's Memorial 2 extra mana to affect the whole board is better plus you got Shared Animosity to boost up the tokens by tremendous amount. Next, this creature is a 5/6 for 4 mana that cannot be removed easily du to hexproof. I'd also replace Skyclave Geopede with Brushfire Elemental. Wizards of the Coast, LLC. i mean really...who would even want to bring it out really early in the game to protect 2 or 3 small creatures? Effects of Jaya Ballard and Goblin Welder. Finally, you would be conferring a number of abilities to this creature that do nothing other than boost its power. and finally, Finale of Devastation also works to close out games. then all there is 2 worry about is cards like wash out, This card is awsome i use it in my artifact deck myr incubator ends the game as for the mana cost mycosynth golem march of the machinces = game over. I also recommend a few bounce lands like Gruul Turf. I think this card has a number of significant problems. This combined with March of the Machines is really nasty. It is flexible as far as which decks it can work in. Pro Tip! ), Archangel of Thune trampling a card with protection. that being said, this card is awesome for multiplayer or casual. Forgotten Creation TappedOut.js Blog Widget, ( againts red/black so u wont get it out its still beast. Ninjitsu, mutate, flash, etc. Sanctuary Blade can give Gallia protection, making it easier to get that commander damage through. EDH Recommendations and strategy content for Magic: the Gathering Commander. Likewise, it turns cards that grant keywords into keyword granting abilities with anthem effects slapped on. Because we’ve seen a number of other Partner commanders tackle these themes, Alharu, Solemn Ritualist feels a little lackluster in a constructed deck, especially at five mana. Website last updated November 29, 2020 at 01:59 AM EST. should be counting power or developing draw before your board snowballs, not after... -1 Tishana, Voice of Thunder... (this is better in a token deck). Akroma, Vision of Ixidor 5WW Legendary Creature - Angel Mythic Flying, First Strike, Vigilance, Trample At the beginning of … Take Sublime Archangel, for example.

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