These religions primarily include Hinduism, Christianity, Sikhism and Buddhism. 3. Although Muslims can proselytise to those of other faiths, it is forbidden for those of other faiths to proselytise to Muslims. However, just like every other aspect of the culture, the 20thcentury saw the introduction of styles such … 2. The poems written in the UAE have had an immense influence on the culture of the Arab state since historical periods. • The Vision (magazine) is a Dubai-based Magazine presenting Dubai's perspective on Culture, Art, Music, Business and Life in the Emirate. A scholar from the 8th century who was known as Al Khalil bin Ahmed mostly influenced a huge part of the style of poetry. The poetry area of the UAE revolves around several themes and topics including satire, religion, love, family, self-praise, chivalry, patriotism, and many other things. 1. UAE Emiratis are predominantly Sunni Muslims and all social and political matters are driven by Sharia (Islamic) law. However, the UAE is tolerant of other religions and accords religious freedom to the expatriate population. The amalgamation of Arabian, Islamic, Persian cultures has left its mark on various elements of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).The diverse culture of UAE is reflected in the lifestyle, cuisine, customs and traditions, dance, music and numerous other elements of the country.

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