Beer How To's & Guides. Non-alcoholic spirits and mixers just as good as the real thing, but without the buzz. The innovative design of the KeyKeg system guarantees the best quality and ease of use throughout the supply chain; from filling and transport to sale to the consumer. Warsteiner, Bitburger) and some craft beers (ex. The solid and safe UniKeg® 20 … This unique two-compartment system ensures that your products are never exposed to propellant gases. The most popular and easy to find version of these are Heineken mini kegs, which contain a CO2 canister to dispense the beer. How much is 20 liters of beer? SUB Kegs - 2 litre capacity - use with The SUB; Draught Kegs - 5 litre capacity - use without a machine; BLADE Kegs - 8 litre capacity - use with BLADE; SUB Kegs Beer kegs for sale at Beerwulf. Customize a kegerator that's as unique as your bar. Check our, Guinness and Murphy's Kegerator Conversion Kits, Kegs in Series: Assembly Guidelines & Rotation Tips, Under Pressure: A Guide to CO2 and Nitrogen Beer Regulators, The KegWorks Field Guide to German Beer Styles. It’s a wide world of beer out there, and we’re all just living in it. If you opt for a dual-tap kegerator in your home, you’ll likely end up having many different brews offered in Sixth Barrel Kegs because you can fit two of these in one standard kegerator cabinet. Having a shape similar to a small barrel, a Mini Keg is a perfect option for a small gathering of friends where you might normally bring a 12-pack. 55 beers (12oz) 41 pints … From. 20 liter | Lightweight | Double WallTM technology. Beer . KEGS ARE NOT ONLY FOR BEER ANYMORE! Now available in 5 litre kegs, a number of 'classic' beers are proving popular for summertime get-togethers. Draft Beer Conquer New Markets with the Safe and Solid Keg. Custom bend any foot rail to meet the precise specifications of your uniquely shaped bar. A strong, bitter lager with a great taste. UniKeg® 20 20 liters | Lightweight. Alternate Names: Tall Quarter, Slim 1/4 BBL. The unique combination of the option of compressed air as a propellant, ease of use and convenient size offer plenty of opportunities for opening up new markets. Now that you know your keg sizes, you’ll want to make sure the keg coupler on your kegerator or draft system is compatible with the keg you are buying. Sixth-barrel kegs, or 20 liter slims, are widely used for small batch brews, for taprooms or kegerators tight on space, or in bars with a wide variety of draft beer. Check our keg coupler guide or ask your supplier to make sure you have the right coupler for your keg. The Quarter Barrel Keg (AKA Pony Keg or Stubby Quarter) looks like the standard beer keg you’re used to from keg parties but much shorter (hence the “stubby” description). All Rights Reserved. One of the 10L kegs comes with a complete tap system including chrome beer tap and mini regulator, the other 10L keg has a cap with a gas inlet on it for carbonation and storage. Order) 12 YRS . The KeyKegs’ unique design is based on years of research and our customers’ experience in practice. 20 Liters = 0.34086716 Kegs (rounded to 8 digits) Display result as. A KeyKeg easily meets the environmental criteria of the European Union. NDL Keg’s sixth-barrel kegs are precision-built with AISI 304 stainless steel and include a 10-year limited manufacturer’s warranty to back it up. Demand for KeyKegs is also growing fast from pub and restaurant operators. 20L beer keg 20l stainless steel beer kegs European standard 20 litre beer keg. ... A liter, or litre… |   £5.85 per pint for 20L Heineken keg and Draught Beer Chiller. Manual filling is also easy with the special KeyKeg filling head. Every KeyKeg is made of 30% recycled material already. This is the most common keg size in European countries, including the UK. We’re continually developing KeyKegs, working closely with the people who use them. Talos Keg catalog of Disposable Plastic Beer Keg T-Keg 20L Beer Keg, TALOS T-Keg one way plastic Beer Keg provided by China manufacturer - Talos Technology Corporation, page If you’ve decided to install a kegerator in your space, you may be considering various options. This is the perfect mini package for the home brewer who wants a full 20L of beer, cold, carbonated and ready to drink on tap but who doesn't want to get a second fridge. Alternate Names: Full Size Keg, Full Keg, 1/2 BBL. We use cookies to improve your experience on our website, for statistical purposes, and to give you access to our social media. Marston's Pedigree has a fascinating aroma with a palate of biscuity malt, spicy hops and light fruitiness, while Paul Theakston's Black Sheep Best Bitter is a classic session beer that combines peppery fuggle hops, grassy freshness and a good old Yorkshire bite. Cider. If you’re interested in trying new brews, you’ll probably want to stick with the smaller sizes. Pallet of 40 - $25.25 per Keg … The lightweight disposable kegs based on the KeyKeg system are the products of years of research. Keep track of your draft beer inventory with a keg monitoring system. Still & Sparkling wines. Most domestic beers fit the D System Sankey coupler that comes standard on most kegerators. 140 Capacity: 13.2 gallons / 50 liters / 1,690 ounces Dimensions: 20.94" x 16.06" Winemakers. ⅙ Barrels (or sixtels, as they’re often called) have become increasingly popular because many craft brewers offer their small-batch experiments only in kegs of this size. Alternate Names: Import Keg, European Barrel, 50 Liter. Furthermore, many beer-minded restaurateurs that want to offer their customers a wide variety will opt for Sixth Barrel Kegs because they take up less space than their bigger brothers. This is the vessel that’s been used to distribute macro brews for generations, and if you’re reading this, it’s likely that you’ve served yourself a red Solo cup or two from one of these beauties. UniKeg® 20, 30 and 1/6 Barrel. Every day we strive to recycle every KeyKeg to produce new KeyKegs. swap units ↺ Amount. NEW 20-LITER DISPOSABLE WINE KEGS BARS, HOTELS AND RESTAURANTS Bars, hotels and restaurants are requesting wines in disposable Kegs, and with … Keep in mind that import kegs do not use a standard US Sankey D coupler. Privacy Policy 50 Pieces (Min. The main difference is that this style doesn’t utilize a ball or pin-lock connection system, but a traditional keg valve that requires a, This tall, slender keg holds the exact same amount as its stubbier relative, the Quarter Barrel Keg. 5.16 Gallons / 19.5 Litres. The KeyKeg  are fully compatible with your brand strategy. The tall, cylindrical Cornelius Keg (or Corny Keg) was originally developed (and still used) to store, distribute, and dispense soda like Pepsi or Coke. 20 liter | Lightweight | Double Wall TM technology. Heineken - 20L Keg. The main difference is that this style doesn’t utilize a ball or pin-lock connection system, but a traditional keg valve that requires a keg coupler for dispensing.

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