The box style or shape refers to the actual shape of the box. Not many people prefer this huge sized subwoofer. 18″ Box So, motivated to make my purchase work, I decided to build a box: Spending less than $50 for the materials. In my case, I picked up a sub/amp/box combo on Craigslist for pretty cheap, however the box was slightly too big to fit into the trunk of my 1997 240sx (only a 15" opening). You can also use such enclosures in hatchback cars or other vehicles where space is a premium. Design And Material. For standard to metric conversion, simply multiply dimensions by 2.54 to get units of centimeters. 15 Inch Subwoofer Enclosure. In the end, it is wrapped in a high quality carpet that looks amazing. Square and rectangular boxes are straight-edged boxes on all sides, whereas hatchback and truck style enclosures feature an angled front or back design that allows for installation in places short on depth such as single cab pickup trucks. Step 1 : 15″ Box. sld shallow depth series ( 600w rms ) - good. They can bear scratches and shakes and continue to produce quality sound throughout the journey. all sld shallow depth series ( 600w rms ) - good; u series ( 1500w rms ) Step By Step Guide for Best Subwoofer Box Design for Deep Bass. 8″ Box (Non-ESP Subs) 10″ Box (Non-ESP Subs) 12″ Box. We stock a variety of dual 15" vented subwoofer boxes. Our subwoofer boxes will work with most subwoofer models. I am using this beast in my Ford and this is just awesome. ASC dual 15” subwoofer box is made up of high quality MDF wood that is super solid. This step by step shows the process to build a basic sealed box. If you are looking for a high quality ported / vented 15" subwoofer box take a look at our selection below. To convert cubic feet to litres, multiply volume by 28.316. If you need a box for two 15" subwoofers, we have a box … If you are planning to buy 15-inch subwoofer enclosure, click read to read detailed reviews. The wood is liquid nailed, followed by a seal.

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